Saturday, 28 February 2009

Road to...

Handing his two horse pistols to his aide de campe, Ritter von Trimbach orders him to dispatch the beast pursuing Duda.The clumsy fellow misses and Duda rides forth into the gloom with the boar in hot pursuit!

Returning to the task of rallying the men, von Trimbach instructs his captains to identify their Feldwebels and Corporals and inform them that they will be summarily broken back to common soldier if they do not immediately turn their attention to reforming their men, and that corporal punishment is authorised for any private soldiers who ignore their instructions to reform.Von Trimbach finds he cannot be everywhere at once . The corporals seem unable to accomplish this with regard to more than a few individuals...
Von Trimbach finds himself alone on a country road with a wall running along it's edge. He rides along it for some time before he finds himself surrounded by the Saschen-Vindow jaegers. Remaining calm von Trimbach clears his throat to speak...


  1. "You there, fellow, which way to your commander? Stand at attention when an officer addresses you--I bear vital dispatches from the Duke! "

  2. Surprise! The hights and lows of life...
    Btw, *2* different units of jaegers, or are the men in 'reversed coats' sergeants? Or sharpshooters, perhaps: I think to remember that in the Legione Tradgarland they have an uniform of their own? Just curious...


  3. Interesting . . . I shall await developments.

    -- Jeff

  4. Suspense!
    Oh those undisciplined louts who let this happen!