Sunday, 9 June 2013

A sort of Swedish day...

9th of June-a tad sad that we did not celebrate the Feast of St Columba at Mass today. He is my Confirmation Saint and his Feast Day is the day on which I got engaged.Just another "Ordinary Time" Sunday ( if such can exist I say)instead.
A trip to Ikea and subsequent making up of the furniture purchased has meant I had little time to paint my VBCW Swedes. I nearly finished a conversion of  a Swedish standard bearer using a couple of old 28mm figures  but piccies etc later .Meanwhile the state of the extension on Friday night-
Impressive or what I say!


  1. Impressed with the progress of the house extension !

  2. Looking good !

    Nice to hear that you support the Swedes:)

    Best regards Michael

  3. new extension is coming along nicely

    -- Allan

  4. Looking good! I'm all for wood cladding - just the ticket!