Monday, 10 June 2013

Of Clocks and standards and work in progress...

The boiler was removed yesterday amidst men crawling through and under all manner of places in the house.New hatches were created and some water leaked out as one might expect.The old tanks were removed.A new boiler will be installed today and the electrician and plumbers will be in attendance.The external porch work moved forward well again yesterday too.Finally a shot of my converted Swedish standardbearer-
He is a ww2 French officer body with an 18th century tricorne head added.He carries the standard of the Lutheran volunteers in the VBCW.He was started around a year ago when first mention was made of the forthcoming interwar Swedes  and is almost finished.I fear I have overdone the black inkwash over his grey cavalry coat..
The character is  a member of the staff from Lund Cathedral . As well as being the standard bearer he is also of an engineering background .In 1923 he was involved in the restoration and reinstatement of the great medieval clock in the cathedral which had been stored away.A mechanical wonder of the world is still going strong and looks like this-
A man of God and a practical man too .We shall see what he helps turn his hand to over in England in the dark days of 1938...


  1. Interesting figure and background.

    I sympathise with your boiler problems. Ours is old for such an appliance. Although it's still running well, we know it's just a matter of time before we have to replace it.

  2. Alan,

    I love the anachronism of the tricorn, this is a cool project. And what a clock!!!

    I hope the house addition is going well. It looks very promising. We did much the same here last year, with extra space for the kitchen and renewed stove fuel (kerosene) storage tanks in the basement. I'm glad that is done!