Friday, 28 June 2013


Here is the extended kitchen awaiting painting.It will be a joint effort with my wife as she is a far better painter than I am. Two or three coats of paint ( a primer having been applied earlier) and the flooring laid on Wednesday coming and we will be able to use it.
I have always loved the work of the artist Pauline Baynes. Her Narnian illustrations accompanied my childhood,her paperback cover for LOTR was on the book I bought in a station kiosk in London en route for France with the school in my teens and the above poster had pride of place in my bedroom for many,many years. Looking last night at her illustrations for "Farmer Giles of Ham" I feel there is a gaming scenario forming in my mind but first there is the matter of buying a dragon.
Finally a Narnian illustration to end with and one of my favourites-
Have a good Saturday whatever you are doing!


  1. Good old Puddleglum, he reminds me of myself. Must dash as work starts, but agree about Pauline Baynes.

  2. That is a lovely poster of Middle Earth Alan and good luck with the painting

  3. I had that poster too... all but forgotten it.. thanks for the memories!

  4. Alan,

    Your extension looks stunning! Very nice light from the skylight.

    I am pleased but not at all surprised to learn that we shared the same books/editions and posters!