Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ancient & Modern

Suitably attired I went forth to paint.We did two coats successfully but it will need a third.Concrete edging was also dug out in the garden,another useful task. The postman arrived with another book,this time by one of my favourite authors Christopher Duffy.
I haven't had more than a glance but it looks a good read.It tells the story of the Hessian troops in the '45 rebellion.It has all the marks of being scholarly,well written and enjoyable-just what one would expect from the author going on his past output of books. I can't wait to read it it.Just the kind of background for a wee campaign on the tabletop...
We all,at home,enjoyed following Laura Robson's progress yesterday and watched some of the Glastonbury Festival on tv.I enjoyed two Door Cinema Club and Example but went to bed after  five mins of the Stones, never been a fan anyway.Jan stayed up and enjoyed them.

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  1. Nice tee shirt. Interestingly you seem to arrange your books by colour of the spine. My brother arranges his by height and I not at all (which is why I can never find anything). Book looks good. Have a good day.