Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ooops etc... Friday Morning early

We had a lovely meal for Anna's Birthday (16th not 15th actually- early morning typo/miscalculation I fear) and Jan did her proud with cooking an excellent meal and baking a birthday cake too.This was preceded by the opening of the cards and pressies- a good evening had by all.
I have been enjoying ,of late, Hamish Macbeth on dvd .I have seen each episode many times but still find it funny,quirky and entertaining every time I watch.It is set in the Highlands and features a policeman named as in the title and a whole host of characters.Do give it a whirl if you havent seen it at all!
Suffered yesterday an hour of online iplanner training to "help" plan maths at school. Oh brave new world-not! This is my September long weekend with me free from lunchtime until school starts on Tuesday. Some paperwork and chores to do but I hope to set up a solo game or two and perhaps paint. Can't shift this cold- one downside of working with younger children is being constantly sneezed and coughed upon. Off for the train in ten mins - have a good day one and all!


  1. I am glad that your daughter's birthday went so well.

    I agree about Hamish Macbeth; it was an excellent series, with just enough of a quirky and mystic side to it to ensure that it was not just another cop show set in a small community.

    Iplanner training sounds ... interesting. Is it yet another of the 'this will solve all your problems' initiatives that always seems to involve more work and take longer than the previous way you did things ... and will not have any 'support' after the first year or so?

    Enjoy your 'gap' over the weekend ... and I hope that you mange both to fight your battle and get over your cold.

    All the best,


  2. A belated "Happy Birthday" to your "sweet sixteen" daughter from eight time zones to the west, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. Again, a more belated happy Birthday to your daughter. Hope she had a great day. I too have been infected with a stinking cold as the boys return to school :-(