Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Went the day well?

It certainly did. This is where the garage got to on Tuesday and was photographed on my return from work at 7pm.Despite the high winds and rain it has been moved on well by Gary. The plan will be to do the work in two phases with the external shell completed this week. Come the new year work will take place to add insulation and flooring to the sitting area,electricity will then be added and we are considering a small wood burning stove too. It will certainly be a glorious place to read,think and plan etc after that. Over this coming winter the garage will provide refuge for Pumpkin the guinea pig who will be visited and illuminated by wind up lanterns.


  1. Be sure to plan for good lighting . . . after all, this really is a suitable wargaming area, isn't it?

    -- Jeff

  2. Very nice!

    I hope you enjoy lots of time wargaming, painting, and just sitting there relaxing.

    All the best,


  3. Hi Alan,

    Kingdoms come in all sizes. This looks like a good one! Don't let it become too cluttered with overflow from the house. A man needs room to think, plan, and dream.



  4. The garage looks great, Alan. And possibly to be equipped with a stove as well - that will be quite cosy. In some parts of Canada, such a place would be an ideal place to get together for a shed party, at least to baptise it! So, shlàinte!