Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thanks etc

Some thanks to begin with.
Firstly ,as no one has come forward yet, many thanks for the mystery donor who donated an excellent 25mmm lantern on a pole. I could not read your signature but I am very delighted to add it my Lamplighter Quatro.
Secondly on the subject of magazines- Springinsfeld I am a member already of the P&S society having rejoined after some years away from it and am looking forward to the next arquebusier very soon. Will have a look at "history Today " when next up town...
Martin I am so grateful for the link to Backwoodsman - I have been trying to recall the name for ages.The magazine brought me so much pleasure years ago and I am glad to renew my acquaintance with it- have asked for a quote for single issue/subscription cost. The Journal of the early Americas looks really interesting too- I have am going to ask for a trial copy. I feel my reading could be on the up and up!

Sunday night already- too much to do including the dreaded school related paperwork/paper-serving planning. Another week starts tomorrow! I enclose a photo of our garden produce from yesterday's evening meal preparation. Cutting the grass and digging around the new shed/summerhouse/garage ( what will I call it?) gave me time to think and plan hobby wise. That combined with a find of my Ral Partha(?) 25mm French -indian war figs and canoes in a box has led me to do much thinking on reviving Ny Tradgardland as I began some time ago. I enjoyed my mental trip in to the imaginary colony just south of Louisberg...


  1. Hi Alan,

    You're welcome, and I was glad to be of service.

    As to what to name your "Fortress Of Solitude"...Leon Uris in his book, "Trinity" described a simple structure in the high meadows where a young Irish kid tasked with watching the flocks all summer would camp out; reading what books he had available, writing down whatever took his fancy; dreaming the dreams of youth, while experiencing the ancient pulse of the land; and oh yes! watching the sheep. They were called "The Boolie House".

  2. I don't recall that Ral Partha ever made F&I figures . . . but RAFM did (and I suspect still does).

    -- Jeff

  3. Yup, RAFM still makes them. Take a look at the three pages starting here:

    If they are the ones you have, you can order more. And they also make a Plains War line for the 19th century:

    -- Jeff

  4. Oophs I got my worms wrong- I did indeed mean Rafm.Sorry for the confusion...