Monday, 5 September 2011

Songs of blades and garages

Well Monday evening already.I thought you might like to see how Gary the Joiner has got on in his first day. He has raised the barn,sorry garage ,high and has made an excellent job of it.

Having listened to part of "Just a minute " on radio 4 I took time to set up a trial scenario for "Songs of Blades and Heroes" set in Middle Earth. The elves have been ambushed by large wolves which emerged from the forest.Note only D6 are used in the system and also the handy double-sided downloadable measuring device/rules summary
. The figures are some of the few Mythical Earth figures I have left from my armies of circa 1976.They are Minifigs and I would dearly like to get my hands on some more to use in skirmishing!
The rules are excellent ,give a fun, fast game even solo and are worth a look at.Well ,who do you think won?


  1. I keep hearing good things about these rules . May have to investigate and purchase a copy !.

  2. Great to see these old figures again. Those Wargs are the best ever produced. Might even paint the elves I have lurking somewhere
    regards- Mike

  3. Nice work with the garage:)

    I to are in to SBH at the moment. Just finising painting a 28mm Knight warband...

    Best regards dalauppror

  4. An excellent wooden place of refuge. There's nothing to beat wood for true shed ambience. My equivalent is a brick built place, which, while fine and sturdy, has something missing. But I hope to add a stove for this winter, which should transform it. Do you plan heating, Alan? I shouldn't like to brave a good Scots winter without.

  5. I purchased the Song of Blades rules a while back, but have yet to do anything with them. They seems like a good skirmish-level set.

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  7. I am also reading SBH, looks like a good skirmish system with a lot of potential for different settings.

    The Half-orcs have been undercoated in preparation for painting.