Sunday, 4 September 2011

Stumps and plans...

Up at 6.30am and three hours later much of the paperwork is
finished! Missed Church but Jan needed a quiet
start to the day to get her energy levels up to speed for the coming week.
Here I am pictured (note Tradgardland Rose socks)working for the third weekend
in a row preparing for the new garage which the joiner will
build this week,the old concrete one having been
removed last week. Yesterday I carried on with the preparation work and dug out the no man's land betwixt our property and the neighbours.Today I attempted to remove a sapling and stump with saw,hammer and iron chisel thing. I almost succeeded and will bow out gracefully using a chemical stump rotter to finish the job...I have also spend some of the day reviewing current and ongoing projects. here are my thoughts in no particular order-

  1. 1938 VBCW ongoing -needing to knuckle down to it as my regular opponent is slowly army building

  2. "Song of Skis and Snowdrifts" 1809 Swedish invasion of Norway using songs of drums and shakos skirmish rules- 28mm ski troops,Norwegian irregulars and Swedish troops. Have 90% of figures already .Researched for it for about 15 yrs now...

  3. 18th century imagination - ongoing Tradgardland/Umsttitental gaming moving towards big battle a a couple of weeks and "sumf spiel" skirmish game

  4. Newly started Danish/Swedish 13th century stuff- maybe on back burner as a friend has offered me a load of appropriate figures at an excellent price -need to wait until War Chest is fuller for this one. Also wish to do some research on the period before going further..

  5. D.M Cornish's Monsterblood tattoo 18th century world of magic.Skirmishing with SBH rules or Morheim -in planning and looking for good cheap "nickers" at present - any thoughts?

So here we are so many hobby ideas and little energy - hope you are having a good weekend one and all.


  1. Wish I was as organised in putting my wargaming plans on paper.

  2. Nice plans

    I didn´t know much about the Swedish invasion of Norway back in 1809...
    Looking forward to see some of your minis and AAR of the games.

    Also looking forward to see more of your 13th Danes.

    Best regards Dalauppror