Wednesday, 4 July 2012

the game part two

The attackers opened fire at the light infantry beside the bridge and the defenders replied with a volley from the infantry regiment,light infantry and the cannons.The attackers took casualties and the yellow coated Syldavians emerged from the wood.
The battle has reached a critical point with fire being exchanged across the river.The defender's shot with far less effect than the attackers . As casualties mounted the morale of many units wavered , officers tried to encourage their men and grim determination prevailed-but for how long...
The turning point arrived. Two of the attacking regiments retreat from the battlefield in good order but suffered significant losses.The Syldavians managed to stand but are wavering mightily whilst the defenders leave their defences in disarray having witnessed the shooting of an ensign  and saw their regimental Colour float away downstream...
The General cannot rally his troops they flee past him his words lost in the confusion for ever.One Colour is saved and carried to the safety of the surrounding woods.

A most enjoyable little affair. I am considering trying a series of linked battles  (all in different  areas this size) with some narrative and book keeping.Simple but fun .
For added tactical entertainment a few cavalry units would be handy.As all the infantry regiments are around 10-12 figures strong I am still considering what would be a good size for cavalry-any suggestions?
Rules,such as they are, stood up well and the most important thing was I had fun and got a game played.


  1. Nice, crisp little action!
    So good to see here embattled 'tricornes' again -more, please!

  2. Suggestion for Cavalry: 6 to 8 figures. It seems to me you will want slightly more than half the size of your infantry units.

    A nice little action...

  3. Super little game

    try 6+ figs for the cavalry

    -- Allan

  4. Having fun is the key part. Glad you enjoyed the game, sir.

    -- Jeff

  5. Nice report! "the most important thing was I had fun and got a game played." That is indeed important and something that can be all too easily overlooked at times.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wonderful little game and a great report. Really an enjoyable read there my friend