Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The hills are alive- part two

The assault is underway.Leading from the front is Duke Ferdinand himself.The duke is a keen swordsman of some skill and repute who specializes in the fencing taught by Italian and Tradgarlandian masters. Having lost an eye in military adventuring abroad the duke is already a favourite with the soldiers of the Ducal army.He wears a coat of the Ducal colours and sports an eye patch.
The advancing soldiers come nearer and nearer to the hills.A withering fire begins yet the Duke urges his men onwards...
Some croats charge from behind cover in a last ditch attempt to drive the Tradgardlanders off the field of battle.
Hand to hand fighting ensues and the Duke is in the thick of things .The battle swings back and forth but eventually the croats are pursued off the field.

An enjoyable little action to fight and I am pleased with the look of the hills. I am considering how to depict wooded hills and hope to try some experiments with paper/card 2d ones as well as tree models.On the agenda too is a folly watch tower which will fit into the hilly ladscape...
Yesterday (Wednesday) saw torrential rain all day here in the Duchy and a train was affected by a landslip just a mile or so down the road. Water poured forth from a crack in the neighbour's  garage and bailing had to be done in the corner we were working on. Thankfully at time of writing ( Thursday 7.30 a.m ) the sun is shining and not before time.


  1. Super little action (hills work well). Hurrah for the valiant Duke,

    -- Allan

  2. Hurrah for the Duke. May the sun quickly return to drive out the storm clouds.
    John M.

  3. Very nice hills, made in the style of the venerable Major General's site.


  4. Hurrah! Vivent les Tradgarlanders en tricorne !

  5. Nice little action, with good terrain and miniatures. Sounds like it was fun, too.
    Good luck with the weather! Nothing but HEAT here.