Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The hills are alive- well getting there and a question of scale

After a very busy day in the garden on Monday ( sorting out the corner near the Shed/garden room/?) yesterday was a day doing things around the place.A little shopping uptown to get food and some p.v.a glue in the morning, a radio 4 play in the afternoon, culinary chores and some hobby activities in between.
Firstly a question.I was basing RAFM indians and put them beside my Front Rank and Foundry figures and the indians were dwarfed by them. I am quite happy using diverse figures on the tabletop in discrete units at the same time but can anyone think of another manufacturer of French Indian Wars figures compatible in size with RAFM?
And now for my other activity yesterday-hill building-
I got out wood offcuts,card and glue and enjoyed the messy process.The photo shows me wedging the hills with an old log and a courgette plant that will not grow in this cold summer. Later on an old crumpled paper bag was added for terraforming and paint added. Watch this space for the end result soon.


  1. Sounds like a proper holiday day, pottering about. My sympathies with the courgette, my runner bean plants are still only 3 feet tall and hanging limply on their sticks. Great figures from Rafm, but true 25mm. All I can think of are Minifigs, which will look a bit wooden next to the excellent Rafm chaps.

  2. I always liked the RAFM figures too . . . but never investigated other ranges.

    Suggest that you might try "older" ranges like Scruby, Minifigs, Hinchcliffe, etc. (I've never had any of these, so I don't know what they're like, but they shouldn't be of the more modern "heroic" sizes.

    -- Jeff

    PS, I'm looking forward to seeing your "Maj. Gen." hills when completed.

  3. Dixon and Old Glory work with Rafm - those three make up my old collection. Most of the OG range are very good indeed, some of their best, though the molds on the French regulars were wearing out even 20 years ago.

  4. Sounds like the perfect middle-aged bloke's holiday day! I send envious greetings from my desk...