Saturday, 14 July 2012

It has been a while since..Born in the K.F.C

It has been a while since I purchased  a new set of rules.Sure I like to experiment with diverse rules sets and download many from the try. but ,on the whole, I avoid buying the complicated,glossy and expensive. The hobby warchest is finite and there is no point buying eye candy which will remain on the shelf. I got rid of a load of rules some time back using the criteria of how long it was since I played them. In the cupboard I have kept some for sentimental reasons eg WRG 6th Ed and lists I played so much in my Uni days. Anyway on with the business of the day.Yesterday the postman arrived with the following in two parcels-
The book (which looks most interesting on first glance) came from America and the rules from Caliver- always excellent service and a delight to deal with. I had read much of Muskets &Tomahawks  and decided to take the plunge.I was not wrong to do so.They are well laid out, accessible to read and look fun. The idea is to use them in two ways-firstly to game the period solo and secondly to perhaps persuade my regular opponent to give them a whirl.
I love the 18th Century in North America having walked for years in my Minds Eye through endless forests and the walls of Louisberg to name but two main influences. A trip to the shed found my collection of RAFM syw figures ( neglected and paint chipped at the bottom of a box) needing some TLC. More positively  were the  Saratoga Campaign figures ready to roll. I will use these to learn the game system and work on some syw figures for Ny Tradgardland  over time.
So imagine the scene.The year is 1777,the Mohawk Valley.In a small corner of the Valley living beside their Palatine German neighbours are some families of Tradgardland descent.Their little corner of Arcadian bliss is called Karl Frederick County ( named after the beloved Duke of Tradgardland) or K.F.C for short.
A firm friend of the community Nicholas Herkimer arrives with serious news - the British are coming! The men of the K.F.C collect muskets,rifles and powder horns and muster forthwith.
Hopefully the next post will reveal the 200pt force they are gathering...


  1. It seems like F&I is getting comeback...I'm sorely tempted to get back into it.

  2. Go on go for it...
    Loads of fun for a relatively little outlay.I think it is a perennial favourite with gamers being a period filled with loads of interesting troop types with much potential for interesting scenarios...

  3. I too have been ermming and arghing about it. Would like to know how te solo play works.

  4. For some superb inspiration, watch the 1992 film, "The Last of the Mohicans", starring Daniel Day Lewis.

    Visually stunning with a superb soundtrack, it is a movie that should be in every 18th century gamer's film library.

    If you already have it, dig it out and watch it again; if you don't have it, get it.

    -- Jeff

  5. Panzerkaput- a few figures to paint up,dip your toe in the water,read around the period- why not eh?

    Jeff- you are soooo right about this film.I have it here on the bookshelves as I write- indispensable it is!