Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer in a day?

I am reminded of the Simple Minds  track "Life in a Day" for I fear Saturday was our summer a day.For the second week running we went to gardens opened by The Scottish Open Gardens Scheme. They organise for people's gardens to be opened to the public and the proceeds are given to charity Two weeks ago we went to see the gardens open in a village called Strathmiglo.They were varied in nature but all superb in their own way. This weekend we went to the Fife coastal village of Crail.
This was the first garden we saw built upon a long strip of land rising from the sea.We had to climb up through luscious vegetation and discreet areas until we reached the terrace with pond ,rill and glorious views.
Many had superb views like this one while others were enclosed within high stone walls.It is a joy to see round  other's work to talk with them and gain inspiration for one's own garden. We had a superb day and the weather was super too.Since then ( and before) the rain and wind continues unabated...
On the hobby front I am just completing around 40 or so Welsh Nationalists of 1938 for a forthcoming VBCW game. I am at the stage of adding flags, painting armbands and basing them.I hope to post pictures here very soon...


  1. Beautiful ! East Coast perfection.

  2. What scenery! A real treat to see these gardens, thanks