Sunday, 22 November 2020

A great post on Rosemary Sutcliff  Pop over to Mark’s blog for an excellent post on Rosemary  Sutcliff and her forthcoming Centenary.

Some of her books from the Ducal library.


  1. A fine collection - which one will you reread for her centenary next month? Thanks for promoting the Sutcliff centenary and the comment my blog post. Well rescued.

    1. As to which I will read I am still making up my mind...

  2. Long time fan! To my great annoyance, while I have audiobooks for Eagle of the 9th and Silver Branch, I can't buy Lantern Bearers or Sword at Sunset even though they are for sale in the us and Britain!! I have to read them the old fashioned way. I rather like having Johanna Ward reading them to me!