Monday, 16 March 2020

Here’s what I have been up to between overthinking things and practical matters-
 Replacing arms on these figures and mending the gaping hole in the grenade thrower with a mix of glue and paper scrunched together prior to fitting a replacement head.

Making a replacement leg from a matchstick before adding a replacement head.

Chitting my potatoes,weeding and tidying the garden a little when it is warm enough. I feel it is important to have a number of projects on the go both indoors and outdoors. I therefore can flit from one to another in my hobby butterfly manner. Trying to finish /take forward things rather than buying more other than glue, paint etc.


  1. Great to see more old lead chaps being restored.
    The way things are going I shall soon have (enforced) time to do the gardening I never have time for!

    1. I am trying to keep busy. Gardening can be so therapeutic I find if one potters away.

  2. Those horseguards with arms at the trail look really good, will you be repainting them or just touch in the new arm?

  3. Probably repainting Is the current plan.

  4. Shaping up nicely. I also have a pile of potatoes shooting away like nobody;s business. Too cold here yet to plant out though.