Saturday, 7 March 2020

Now we are sixty and a day.

I had a most enjoyable birthday. The girls took me to Scotts restaurant in South Queensferry for lunch which was an excellent meal followed by coffee/cake in the Manna House Bakery. I was also able to use my free bus travel card and senior citizen railcard  to get there for the first time. People were kind in the gifts given-
 I am interested in the Arts and Crafts movement and am delighted with this metal work letter stand made in Glasgow
I also got some reading. The atlas is a huge book , incredibly heavy and packed with fascinating detail.
Family came round for a meal later in in the evening which the girls prepared beautifully . A great end to a great day. The last word is for Jan who would have been 58 today. It was such fun when we met to have birthdays the day after each other. She will be much in our thoughts today.


  1. A happy and sad time , my thoughts are with you , Tony

  2. Glad you've had a splendid day of it Alan- your girls are looking after you very well indeed- that cake sounds yummy!

  3. A bittersweet celebratory milestone, no doubt. I know first hand that sense of both achievement and loss.

    Best wishes.

  4. Hi Alan, glad you had such a lovely day with the girls. My thoughts and regards with you for today.
    Best wishes Mike

  5. A grand day out, and bittersweet too. My best to you and yours, Alan.

  6. Your words touched me and I also feel with you. I wish you power and all the best.

  7. Thanks to everyone for their comments.

  8. A grand day by the sound of it.
    Enjoy your freedom pass!