Sunday, 12 April 2020

A tale of two soldiers

I had two Britains toy soldiers on my painting desk for ages. They weren’t particularly animated and retained much of their original paint. I never bothered to try and find out who they were. This week I got a couple of articles in the post ( thanks Mark) about Old Lead Soldiers and restoring them. They were both entertaining and also inspiring being filled with anecdotes and practical guidance. Part two talked about set No. 28 the Mountain Battery from Britains. As I read on I realised who these figures were -
Here they are on the aforementioned article . With a little more research I found confirmation in this picture
At some point I will get some more of the battery from Dorset Model Soldiers and have myself some mountain artillery. A mystery solved thanks to Military Modelling.


  1. I think I have a Replica Miniatures (original ones from Pat Campbell) in my mountain of unpainted 54mm figures. Would that be any good to you? (MrsJ says I must downsize ready for a future move to smaller premises).

  2. That would be lovely, thank you very much indeed.

    1. Slight problem, my laptop gone kaput so having to borrow MrsJs i.pad till I can get sorted, so no postal addresses available (they were in my contacts details) so if you can mail yours to - joppyuk1 at sky dot com I can take it from there.