Saturday 28 March 2015

Saturday morning

Headed uptown for shopping and coffee  with Jan today.We took the catalogues along to make vegetable,salad and flower choices-
An order was sent off this afternoon.
I also got out the semi flat chaps needing work-
I have decided to work on the cavalry which I will paint up in the uniform of the 3rd Brandenburg Hussars circa 1900. Carpathia can have units/uniforms following the tradition of Brigadier Peter Young's eclectic armies...
Also worked on some medieval/early renaissance Islesmen/Heilanders for my ancient gaming-
I will add a Fairy Flag to them tomorrow perhaps.
Off now to have a glass of Hock and then homemade Thai Green Chicken Curry- can't wait...

Friday 27 March 2015

Saturday 21 March 2015

Of the playing of games- what do you think?

I've been looking at my 1/72 tanks and plastic mountain in the shed and fancy taking them forward,probably with Grant's Battle ! rules, as a project. Ive also been musing over gaming recent history ( or so it seems to one born in 1960) ie WW2. For some reason I feel happier proceeding in terms of imaginations like the Duchy of Volare- Cantare or Army Black, Green etc .Am I just being precious or what ? What do you do and why?

Sunday 15 March 2015

Looking for rules suggestions...

I've been in the shed p.m today and found some 20mm homeguard figures and German paratroops.Any suggestions for old school ww2 rules for gaming an airborne invasion ? Years ago when I used WRG platoon rules I dropped wee squares of paper to simulate where paratroops landed- anyone else do this ever? As ever all suggestions welcome.

The rules & the game

Tony bath's rules gave an enjoyable if bloody game in terms of casualties.
Troops advance to assault the fortified village and engage in an exchange of musketry.
Defenders retreat and attackers too ,off the far right edge of the picture.
End of game with the defenders holding on on the left side of the picture with the attackers retreating whilst on the right hand side the attack is pressed home.
All in all I would recommend people to try these rules for themselves as they give an enjoyable game. I even enjoyed using the bounce stick ( ok so its old school, probably unhistorical  but great fun) and saving throws too. I will try the rules again with a bigger encounter type game with cavalry.So break out the 18th century figures and give it a whirl... 

Saturday 14 March 2015

Master Anthony Bath's Rules of Warre 1750- part the second,the game...

The village of Bratwurst has been lightly fortified by the Tradgardland army who have chosen to make a stand there in the face of an invading army.
Above is  better etching of their postions...

Now to the invading army-

 Damien O'Trench ,commanding the Army of Umstittental has grenadiers,artillery and sappers on hand.Here is his army's dispostions-
O'Trench has given orders for his army to take Bratwurst...
More later.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

A venture

Regular readers of this blog may recall we were introduced to the new Duke in a post last year-
He has begun to become established in his new Duchy and has embarked upon a number building projects and reforms of the Tradgardland Army.
Amongst his many interests is the study of plants. A regular attender at the monthly meetings of the Ducal Society, Duke Aeneas has begun to formulate plans for an expedition. Certain gentlemen within the Society have urged him to back a plant hunting venture-
This will be to obtain specimens for a new Physic Garden to be created beside the Ducal Palace in Tradgardstadt...

Monday 9 March 2015

Birthday gifts

I got the following book for my birthday-
I had the original hardback in my teens but it has long since gone. reading the new paperback was like meeting an old friend and more. I look forward to using the old rules and new Science fiction and fantasy additions too.
I went to the garden centre and bought a new planter for my alpines as well as new plants to plant up in my old planter -
Here it is planted up and the new one waiting...

Sunday 8 March 2015

Master Anthony Bath's Rules of Warre 1750

It has been a busy weekend in the Duchy for one reason and another. Jan's birthday was yesterday and we managed to get out for coffee which was most enjoyable. I made this artillery stick yesterday-
from Tony Bath's 1750 rules which I found in the  book on the table.I hope to give them a go soon.

Friday 6 March 2015

Early morning parade

The Duke of Tradgardland's Janissary Guard have assembled early this morning- the 6th of March.Amidst yawns and the adjusting of ill fitting and bizarre uniforms they have paraded to celebrate the Duke's 55th birthday...
I am blessed with a wonderful wife and family,great friends and a splendid new job ( where I shall be dressed as Mr Toad today to celebrate World book Day)- what better way to enter my 55th year,with the weekend and celebrations to come...