Monday, 19 April 2021

Vacant space

 I have had unsuccessful painting sessions over the last few days, results were awful. I tried to change scale and period but to no avail, my efforts still left much to be desired. Flats failed, semi flats completely awful and large scale a big disaster. I managed to resist throwing money at the block by buying something new and tried a little sorting out , rummaging for something to take my fancy to game/work on but nought grabbed me at all!  I cleared the wargames table-

Looking for suggestions to fill the space, what should I set up to sort a jaded palette? Current collections only please no suggestions for new additions to the lead pile.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Semi flats & smaller flats etc

 Planted seeds in garden this morning in the small green house/ cold frame. I also tried a spare Dorset rifle arm on the cavalryman’s army to see how it looked. Some of the figures had both arms cast on . I also looked at the semi flat 60mm Infantry wondering how long they had been tied to their backing card...

In the afternoon, the small and fragile zinnfiguren I bought last year ,were stuck on to 3mm Mdf to protect them and increase their height allowing them to be used in games with the other larger ones .

Friday, 16 April 2021


 Warmer weather of late has made it so much pleasanter to be outdoors. For walks, for breakfast and for weeding the raspberry patch and surrounding area. The rhubarb is producing its crop and is being enjoyed in various ways including as an ingredient in baking.

Semi flats with moveable arms!

 Unpacked these today, interwar cavalry, some with moveable arms. This is something I have not seen before. Would they be cast with spare arms on the same mould? I need also to think of how to replace the missing arms. Any thoughts re makers?

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Artist of the year etc

Our telly gets Sky Arts on freeview, or at least that’s how I think we access it. As a family we really enjoyed Portrait Artist of the year a competition where professional artists and amateurs engage with celebrities and paint them. This lead onto Landscape Artist of the Year similar format but painting landscapes, you get the idea. Again excellent lockdown telly , diverting and a wee virtual trip out. Our latest series is Canadian Landscape artist of the year . This is even better because each episode has a brief history lesson about the venue being painted and the chap who is in charge of the McMichael Art Collection near Toronto talks about and shows some famous paintings. In particular I was taken by the work of The Group of Seven. They were new to me and absolutely fascinating. Probably it’s one of these things where everyone else has heard of them except me.So as I bought this-


 If  this current vileness ever ends I would like to one day go and see these paintings for myself. In the meantime have a look at their art online  you will be blown away , l was.