Tuesday 30 October 2012

Fact and Fiction...

Some time ago on GWP3 I wrote the following vbcw related item-
"In the latter part of the 19th century there was a lot of emigration from Baden W├╝rttemberg to the U.K . Many of them were butchers and specialist makers of cold meats. They set up as Pork Butchers in a variety of locations such as Newcastle and Edinburgh. Surnames included Sneider,Ludwig Egner,Baumann and Gruber. They integrated well into English and Scottish Society whilst retaining a desire to socialise with their German relatives. They met up for picnics ,card games as well as at family weddings and ocassions.They remained a close knit community.
In Edinburgh such a community existed. In the unrest of the late 1930’s the Community formed the “Fleischer Radfahrer Burgerwehr” or Butcher’s Cyclist Militia . The meat was often delivered by boys on bicycles so a bicycle mounted force seemed obvious to those who founded the unit. Although mainly raised for the defence of family ,homes and business premises the F.R.B were available for service further afield when required..."

I later developed the unit for my creation The League of St Andrew where they were a cycle mounted unit .The other day Panzerkaput (aka Pete Barfield) that talented artist of the Panzerkaput blog created an illustration of a member of the unit-
He is a splendid creation and I am delighted by Pete's fantastic work. I thought it would be fun to post a photo( which recently came to light when sorting through my mother's things) of my family outside the shop in Edinburgh in the 1930's -

Note apron clad boys and window filled with red ,white and black puddings! Thanks again Pete I am chuffed to bits with your painting!

Saturday 27 October 2012

Battle and Book

The Duke of Tradgardland and his forces could not hold off the Danish invaders-
The Duke flees the battlefield with the remnants of the Ducal army. He hopes to meet his opponents again at the strategic river crossing at Blasthof bridge where he is determined to stem the tide of invasion. Photos of my portable wargame "take" upon the Brigadier's game tomorrow.
Finally if you are interested in the Danish army of the period the following book is a must-
Text is in Danish but it is still incredibly useful for it's information ,illustrations and maps.

The portable Imagination circa 1801

It is Saturday morning .Last night I managed to finish basing the figures and glue the Tradgardland Militia colours to their standardbearers after a busy week at school.Prior to going to bed I set up the game on the dining room table.It is on a 13inch square flooring tile.Here is the situation at the start of the game-
The Tradgardland Militia (commanded by Duke Karl Frederick iv himself) are defending a small market town.The Duke's command consists of 5 units of Militia (rated poor in the rules) a unit of artillery and a squadron of  hussars. Attempting to take the village are their arch enemies ( in the Enlightenment Age at least) from the Kingdom of Denmark commanded by General A E Bertgesson. He commands five infantry units ( 2 average and three poor) two cavalry ( militia rated poor and line rated average) a unit of artillery and  one of light infantry in the shape of  Frivillige Korps Livjeger.
I can't wait to see what happens when the game commences after I pour myself another cup of tea..
Finally another view of the battlefield-Duke Karl frederick and his army awaiting the assault...

Sunday 21 October 2012

Some small steppes,sorry steps...

With my recent inability to/lack of desire to carry on (at present) with my Tradgardland mid 18th century project my mind has been exploring possibilities for another opponent for The Imperium and her troops.On trains and in diverse places I thought of a few possibilities-an Italianate Dukedom,Gallia in the 1740s to name but two. However a combination of  my visit yesterday ( and the preceding anticipation) some Osprey's purchased at the time of my 50th and a rummage in the depths of the lead mountain came together last night-
The very start of a big 50 man unit.I don't know if and when I will finish it although I very much intend to give it my best shot time and energy considered.Thoughts too are of a new character in the form of a  young princess from the Duchy of Tradgardland travelling to the East to marry a Prussian obsessed Duke.We shall see where we go with this one...

Saturday 20 October 2012

Tradgardland goes to Russia,almost...

Well we are coming to the end of my Half Term break.I have enjoyed it as well as getting some useful things accomplished also. I have moved my late mother's flat and affairs forward with my wife's help and enjoyed a renewed enthusiasm for the hobby.
Today I went with my eldest, Zoe, to see the Catherine the Great Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland.It was put on in partnership with the Hermitage Museum and contained a selection of it's treasures.
A photograph of the Duke of Tradgardland  just prior to going in to the exhibition-Two key eighteenth century figures depicted together for the first time.
We were treated to a glorious array of   court costumes,china,paintings and diverse fascinating items from the 18th Century.A few hours flew by very quickly indeed. I was particularly taken with a wooden intricately carved sledge and the picture of an ice mountain built upon a frozen river used for toboggan rides by the Court.It was a tremendous exhibition to visit and I have had my "Enthusiasm Batteries" for the 18th Century recharged...

Thursday 18 October 2012

Now with added...

The Freikorps have enlisted the help of a tank which they have personalised with jaunty skull and crossbones.Meanwhile the Spartacists have been reinforced-
by Revolutionary sailors from the Volksmarine division.What will happen next...

Tuesday 16 October 2012

A more pleasing layout...

I tried the German Revolution 1919 game with the new terrain pieces I purchased yesterday-
Above is the Spartacist's headquarters situated in the old town.
The Freikorps enter from the table edge near the old town gate. All in all a step forward with the look of things I feel.

Horse & Musket wargaming-Tradgardland 1805

Morning all.I have decided to post some pictures of my attempt to make a portable wargame set up for the horse and musket period.I have used a chess board for the trial game but hope to get some green felt to use later.Anyway the fun is experimenting at present.I have set the game between the forces of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Duchy of Tradgardland 1805.
Figures are essentially Minifigs based in sixes from a display game some years ago of the battle of Koge.
The Tradgardland Militia defend a village from the invaders.
I am pleased with the results so far and look foward to adding forces and tweaking the set up...

Monday 15 October 2012

Great value ...

I was in Waterston's in Dunfermline this morning.Picked these houses up there for £4.99.A  bargain indeed!

Sunday 14 October 2012

The Portable Wargame or Panic on the streets of Berlin 1919

Half term has arrived and along with it a new enthusiasm for the hobby is on the scene.Many thanks for your advice in response to my previous post.I have gone for a new project-The German Revolution of 1919 through the lens of the portable wargames modern rules.
As the combat was essentially an urban one with small units, I have been thinking of how to depict this on the tabletop.I tried to jot ideas down in my notebook-
The blue area represents buildings to be made by blocks of wood or cardboard .
However a trip to the Heriot Watt University Borders Campus (to let my middle daughter go to an Open Day) yesterday availed me of the chance to buy some foam board at the college shop. I mocked up the potential city scape today as seen above.It is only an attempt to get some idea of how things look and play.Thank goodness for the old faithful cereal packet to experiment upon.
The figures used are Peter Pig  Freikorps and Spartacists made from SCW figures.I have some sailors and a tank on order but am looking for  ideas for armoured cars and lorries etc.
As ever I would be grateful for your ideas/suggestions about urban combat and how to make scenery for such a project.