Tuesday 21 November 2017

Anyone who had a heart...

Anyone who had a heart ( upon seeing my new Normans on their splendid Impetus bases) would not consider rebasing them at all-
I think I will use them for the basis of  a wee Basic Impetus army,something I have fancied doing for some time. Any of you chaps out there playing Basic Impetus these days?

Thursday 16 November 2017

Compatibility with Lammings Normans?

I acquired some Lamming Miniatures Norman cavalry ( full of old school charm) recently to use in a wee side project for Lion Rampant. I wonder if anyone can suggest any figures which would be compatible with Lamming  ( I doubt I have the patience/opportunity to wait for sourcing more Lammings) in order that I could finish two sides for the game. I will have around 30 cavalry but no infantry. I have a fancy to depict rival Norman forces in Italy or Sicily (I love the Byzantine style mosaics) so might need some Arab/Berber figures too. Any ideas?

Sunday 12 November 2017

"They deserve to get out."

I commented on Ross's blog recently and the post title is his reply. Here is a link to his post-


So I have begun to get my 40mm semi flats table ready-

Saturday 11 November 2017

Targe 2

On a bright and cold morning we set out for Kirriemuir and the Targe Show.It is always an enjoyable journey as the leaves change colour and autumn kicks in.The Angus countryside looked idyllic with enigmatic Ancient Monuments signs to Pictish stones and Glamis Castle passed by. The show used to be held in the town hall but now takes place in the local high school.

A general view of the show and some splendid Command and Colours games in 15mm.
My favourite game was this Carlist Wars battle by Jack Glanville and others using Sharpe Practice.Beautiful terrain and figures.

Now for the purchases.My Warbases movement trays for the VBCW and some nostalgia filled reading materials. I recall reading the magazines when 11 and 12 years old.
Finally some pre painted Brits I purchased to oppose my Danes. An enjoyable day with an excellent bacon roll,catching up with fellow gamers ,interesting games to view and tempting trade stands.What more could one ask of a Saturday?

Friday 10 November 2017

Targe anyone?

Off to Kirriemuir in the morning,anyone else going?

Sunday 5 November 2017

Quo Vadis?.

I have dug out the 28mm napoleonic chaps from the shed, the tyw army (unpacked,still on spruces as it left Warlord ) stares accusingly across the bedroom and loads need sorted. I know destinations l wish to visit on my hobby journey in terms of games albeit too many and too diverse. They include Norwegians for Sharpe Practice Danes for an old school game based around the siege of Copenhagen to name but two. I am hopeful that eight months time will see me with more energy,enthusiasm and time for the hobby but I can say no more upon this currently. Perhaps until then l will resolve to game more,set the bar lower and tinker ,the time of the bigger projects will come. What do you think?