Saturday 28 October 2017

Snow effect for bases sought...

I am looking for ideas on how to replicate snow on bases for wargames figures,both single figures and element-type basing.
p.s thanks also for the supportive and helpful comments to my previous post

Tuesday 24 October 2017

BP etc

At half term I spent a few days in Yorkshire with friends which was so relaxing.Last week I was in Copenhagen for two nights, it was fantastic,lovely hotel,food and Norwegian airlines excellent.I got back on Thursday, On Friday I went to the nurse just to check my BP- it was 210/110. Had to see the  GP who put me on tablets there and then! I got a shock! Went back yesterday and it was 160/110. Had a good chat with the nurse practitioner and feel a tad calmer. Trying to do my bit in terms of diet,caffeine and exercise. Got ecg today and get bloods next week.
Any other fellow bloggers dealing with HPB? Ideas sought. 
Finally on the the subject of BP ( British Petroleum this time) are any of you watching "The Last Post" about the conflict in Aden? We certainly feel it is well worth a view, as is the Netflick's new Star Trek.

Sunday 22 October 2017

The Distant War

I was moved by the exhibition in the Tojhusmuseet about the Danes in Afghanistan.Here is what the museum says about it-
"The 600m2 exhibition recreates a Danish military camp and its surroundings as realistically as possible. Crate upon crate of uniforms, weapons and first-aid equipment have been brought back to Denmark from ISAF Team 10, who were in Afghanistan in autumn 2010. Everything in the exhibition has been used, worn and covered with personal graffiti. The goal of the exhibition is to make the life of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan more tangible, and almost all the exhibits can be picked up and held, bringing museum visitors into direct contact with everyday life in the camp. The exhibition also uses special effects to recreate the atmosphere on the ground - and shake the senses."
The Tojhusmuseet has separated the exhibition in order to give an immersive experience. the moment you enter you walk over sand  and rocks,over uneven surfaces. The soldier's quarters are lain out almost as if they have just left. I found it very powerful. It was half term in Denmark and people of all ages were going round the exhibition. If in Copenhagen don't miss it.

Friday 20 October 2017

Just back

Yesterday saw me return from a brief visit to Copenhagen. It was my fourth visit to Denmark although my first since 1994. It was lovely to be back. As ever the Tojhus museum was fascinating-
Excellent maritime dioramas as above and fascinating full sized exhibits as below-
 I was  very moved by an exhibition entitled "The distant War" about the Danish army's experiences in Afghanistan. I will post pictures next time of it.

Saturday 7 October 2017

The Ludwig of the North

In 1868 the Duchy of Tradgardland joined the North German Confederation-
It's ruler Karl Frederick IV was famous,perhaps infamous, known around the beer halls as "The Ludwig of the North" in reference to his incessant castle building which had almost bankrupted the Duchy.
In August 1870 the Tradgardlanders march towards battle against the French...

Thursday 5 October 2017

Anna's New Blog

Pop by and have a look at daughter #2's blog-