Saturday 30 April 2022


 “ When you're alone and life is making you lonely

You can always go
When you've got worries all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help I know
Downtown “

Downtown Tradgardland this morning, just getting ready for the coming  FLW season. Trying out scenery-

And a suitably chilled Saturday morning song-
P.S an excellent  al fresco 3x3 grid for the Portable Wargame perhaps too?

Friday 29 April 2022

No comment

 Morning, I just wanted to say I am having problems leaving comments on other people’s blogs as well as replying to comments on mine. It is not that I am not interested in what you comment or blog but I am beset by yet another technical issue. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly…

Warbases’s movement trays

 Painted up yesterday the movement trays I had got on Tuesday in the Warbases shop. I gave them three coats of paint. They were bought to use with my Jacobites. 

Thursday 28 April 2022

Saxons etc

 I have been binge watching The Last Kingdom recently. I didn’t really enjoy it much the first time round and never watched more than the first series. However now I am hooked and onto series four already. It has renewed my interest in the Anglo Saxons in particular. I have started rereading books in the Ducal library and adding to it in the shape of the Arman book. I’ve been going on the Regina Anglorum website and digging out the Ian Heath WRG old favourite. Imagine my delight when I saw some old school 25mm figures on EBay,just the thing for a small  dark age set up. The figures arrived weaponless as expected , so I have sent off for some swords spears and axes. Not a rivet counter project ( none of mine are , thankfully) I  sorted the figures out using the criteria mentioned in the photos ( click on them to enlarge) below-

Any comments on my sorting very welcome. I am always glad to hear the ideas of the readers of the blog.

Finally I looked at the splendid Bad Squiddo “ Lady of the Mercians” but felt she would tower over my old school 25mm. Some thinking later I have come up with a possible alternative, more anon …

Wednesday 27 April 2022

An American in Paris, sorry Warbases

 Popped by the Warbases shop yesterday. Eric was in his element, as all visitors are. I needed some movement trays and Warbases were kind enough to make them there and then. Excellent service!

Tuesday 26 April 2022

On the road and a grand day out…

 Had a grand day out yesterday with Eric and his wife Sandy ( VWC , Fife and Drum Forum etc etc) and Ronnie , who acted as driver . Prestonpans battlefield, Luca’s Musselburgh, Blackness Castle and Linlithgow. Great company, fascinating conversations and terrific fun. A day to remember and the sun shone too!

Eric even had remembered the book with the map, excellent staff officer or logistics work.

Signage or the Grr thread

 On the Fife and Drum forum there is a thread named the Grr Thread for things that are annoying. As I can’t post photos easily there , and because I thought others here would be interested , l post this example of signage from Blackness castle here-

Comments are most welcome…

Army Blue Yellow - Sweden

 I am intending to field a Swedish Army in Funny Little Wars. I was very taken by drawings l saw of designs for uniforms for the Swedish Army. I particularly liked the tricorn hats and the turn backs. Although never adopted I decided that this uniform would be a commission to have made for me, enter Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures who made this happen for me. Also currently working on some Swedish home guard by adding tricorns to some AIP figures. Cavalry and artillery to be decided later…

Monday 25 April 2022

Bringing up the artillery

 Found these in the shed and decided to try them out. Matchsticks were found and the artillery was put through its paces. 

Bought at some point in a job lot ( I think) these were lying unused in the shed. I decided that they ought to be given some firing practice. Old , battered and having seen better days ( some might say that of me too) I was interested to see how they performed. The most effective piece, by far , was the small and particularly damaged one on the left. The others need more practice and perhaps a new spring if such a thing is obtainable.

Saturday 23 April 2022

I believe that’s what they call alfresco… Funny Little Wars has arrived!

 A great deal of excitement and conversation has been generated here by the arrival  of  a copy of “ Funny Little Wars  which was sent to me courtesy of the author. It arrived in the Duchy appropriately when I was gardening this morning. Handed to me by the postwoman it was a lovely addition to a sunny , seed sowing morning.

A in-depth review to follow when I have time to read the splendid book and perhaps given it a go…
Initial reading shows the book to be a visual delight,  containing excellent , accessible rules and everything a player needs to get involved. Buy it now, go on you deserve it-

The third oldest ship afloat in the World…

 Had an enjoyable visit to Dundee today. Warm weather and sun. The highlight was the Unicorn-

I had to watch my head at all times. Goodness alone how one got about in a rough sea…
A link to the website-
I really enjoy the world of Lucky Jack and Dr M but am ever so glad not to have gone to sea …

Friday 22 April 2022


 The twelve o’clock guns today…

Thursday 21 April 2022

Paper Soldiers

 Well actually card soldiers-

I got them last year, put them in a safe place and only recently found them again. So l thought I might cut some out and see how they look.