Wednesday 27 February 2013

An interesting idea...

Morning all from a very misty Tradgardland.Just a quick post prior to getting the train to work. Of late I have been inspired by the whole Oldhammer  wargaming scene here in Blogdom.As well as super models,enthusiasm and a good spirit of gaming fun I like the idea of referring to Warhammer as a gaming system not a marketing tool as one fellow puts it. I was very taken by this- The Oldhammer Contract-

Ok so it is probably old hat to most of you but is a post by a fellow blogger well worth reading.Much has happened since (he says) but his idea has much to tell whatever period you play still.Do click on the link and have a shuftie.

Sunday 24 February 2013

To the North...

It has been a busy week here in the Duchy. Work hectic, a hospital appointment  for me and John Lewis failing to deliver beds to my late mother's flat  which we are preparing for rental! They twice made wide windows/time slots to deliver in and twice let us down.On the third attempt they promised they would be there within an hour window on Saturday morning.To cut a long frustrating story short they arrived at 4.30 and were a tad rude and unhelpful. We will not get them to deliver again.
I am too tired to create and work any further upon my portable seige.So (modelling wise) a trip to the Northlands was in order.
My 40mm Saxon/Viking project has had some new recruits of late and stands at around 80 figures or so.I have decided to morph the armies into two armies each led by a Viking chief ,the figures all  being really suitable for general dark age chaps.They will inhabit a Viking age country influenced by the above map,the Viking films of my youth in the 1960s ,Noggin the Nog and diverse Viking books and novels. Here are the two brave Chiefs and their loyal standard bearers-

The first figure is a Expeditionary Force one and the other is one given me by Tidders and slightly converted
Both are metal figures ,also from Tidders and  converted a little.Probably Saber and Sash?
There are five berserkers undergoing painting today but as the sunne has begun to shine I will pop out to the garden first.However I want to leave you with some scouts from the northlands equipped for snowy weather.

I have had the elk ( a nodding toy from years ago,one  which I cannot remember where it comes from, but one which I have tried to find a use for for years) and at last have found a good use for him.Alongside is a skier with horn to call for aid  when required.
I hope you enjoyed my efforts and any ideas for Viking names would be appreciated.

Sunday 17 February 2013

A Portable Siege Wargame?

Whilst travelling in the week prior to Half Term I made loads of notes about hobby things to do. The majority concerned ideas for a Napoleonic Imagination Portable Wargame Siege  Alas time precluded doing as much as I hoped but I did want to share some progress with you prior to getting back to work tomorrow.It  will be a busy five weeks to Easter so I am not sure how much I can do except in small bursts.As ever clicking on the photos may increase their size to aid viewing.

An aerial view of part of the board (cereal pack) with wooden houses behind a packing material wall clad in model railway card. A lot to do in terms of ditches/moat & gate etc.Figures added for scale and general atmosphere.
A potential besiegers eye view showing extra cladding needed on the gatehouse ,loop holes etc.After all I did say it was a work in progress. I really must do something about the Selotape join!
Finally a shot of what I am working on- bases of engineers(some with piles of earth a few with some mine head structure) cannons with crews and a wagon /supply base. There are quite a few cannons unbased to use on the walls. Apart from the scenery figures all I have to do is devote some time to rules ideas.As ever your comments and suggestions are really welcome.

Saturday 16 February 2013

Follow up to "Coffee in a different light or a tale of two bases..."

A wee while ago I sought the council of you all regarding basing.I had much useful advice,a good discussion and many comments left. As a result I thought long and hard  and went forward as follows-
A Black Rider accompanies a unit of trolls and one of wargs.I am quite happy with the counterpoint between Old School figures and terrrained bases. Dried coffee basing medium with a little flock and a stone or two. In the next photo are the finished elven scouts and a wizard clothed in brown without bunnies or sleigh in sight-
Again I am moderately happy with the result.I might add the odd slate chip for variety but no more.
As ever let me know what you think...
Finally a long awaited book arrived today about one of my favourite artists/illustrators and stained glass designers -Harry Clarke-
I discovered his work when I did my year's teacher training in Glasgow.At that time the College had one of his windows on display.I was entranced by it. My book purchase tells me that the aforementioned window will go on display in the Kelvingrove Museum later this year. Google Harry Clarke and wait for the fantastic images to appear,you won't regret it!

Friday 15 February 2013

Designing armies- where to find inspiration

We all gain inspiration from a variety of sources in the hobby.Some research history with a fervor other focus in upon real life personalities and some are entranced by the lead and work back from there.
I have found maps to be an inspiration. Take for example my 18th century imaginations Umstrittental -The Disputed Valley.It began life as an old map I found on the internet and then played around with on Photoshop.

Here is another example
A map from the Ivor the Engine animated series . I have used it to help raise units for my Welsh Nationalist for A Very British Civil War 1938. I have looked at the  map for place names,town and communities which might be able to raise companies. For example I have raised a couple of T.A companies (trained) one based on a local chapel choral society, another of railway workers and so on and so forth.This has worked really well and has given me a plausible/fun selection of units.
The next step is to look at the potentialities for their opponents with LDVs based upon the local big Hall, BUF and regular troops billeted in the area and to build  these units. too. In the interim (like tonight's game) the Welsh Nationalists will take on my opponent's Liverpool Free State.
Do click on the maps for a closer look.
Go give maps a try it is great fun!

Tuesday 12 February 2013

A Grand day out...

Half Term has arrived at last! I have limped here with coughs,colds,a nearly lost voice and  extreme fatigue. I am off until next Monday thankfully.
I had a splendid day out with my wife yesterday- thanks Jan! We parked at the Gallery of Modern Art.
After this we walked along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge , past fascinating buildings and superb scenery  by way of the Dean  Village.When at school in Edinburgh I walked daily through the Dean Village in order to catch a bus home.It was a rather run down place then.It is now a rather fashionable place but still filled with quirky buildings old and new.We saw an advert (with a 20s/30s vibe ) being filmed and walked around the outside of one of my favourite buildings -Wells Court-
which was built in the 19th Century as charitable housing.It would make a splendid piece of wargames scenary or setting for a fantasy game I have always thought After a brief look in a bookshop in Stockbridge and coffee we returned to the gallery for lunch. We popped into a garden centre on the way home and bought a plants for the garden including Winter Aconite- which I am very fond of. I really enjoyed our outing and time spent together. Today (Tuesday) I am popping into a Viking exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland with artifacts from the National Museum of Stockholm on my own. Hopefully coming home to prepare some figures for my VBCW game on Friday against my long term opponent and his Liverpool Free State...