Friday 15 February 2013

Designing armies- where to find inspiration

We all gain inspiration from a variety of sources in the hobby.Some research history with a fervor other focus in upon real life personalities and some are entranced by the lead and work back from there.
I have found maps to be an inspiration. Take for example my 18th century imaginations Umstrittental -The Disputed Valley.It began life as an old map I found on the internet and then played around with on Photoshop.

Here is another example
A map from the Ivor the Engine animated series . I have used it to help raise units for my Welsh Nationalist for A Very British Civil War 1938. I have looked at the  map for place names,town and communities which might be able to raise companies. For example I have raised a couple of T.A companies (trained) one based on a local chapel choral society, another of railway workers and so on and so forth.This has worked really well and has given me a plausible/fun selection of units.
The next step is to look at the potentialities for their opponents with LDVs based upon the local big Hall, BUF and regular troops billeted in the area and to build  these units. too. In the interim (like tonight's game) the Welsh Nationalists will take on my opponent's Liverpool Free State.
Do click on the maps for a closer look.
Go give maps a try it is great fun!


  1. My local area, history and characters is where I find inspiration, but also miniatures that I see and love on the web and wonder how to include them in my games.

  2. Check out the Sodor map if you can find one 9Thomas the Tank Engine). Some time back I was considering using it for a minor ACW campaign.

  3. I love maps. Both fictional and of real places. Even game maps. The maps in a book can make the difference between me buying it or not if I'm on the fence. And using any of these kinds of maps for inspiration and/or for representing a place where our games happen is great. I also like to draw my own maps.

    As for where I take my inspiration for my armies, units, etc., I think it comes from a variety of sources, Hollywood and other movies, history, fiction, puns and wordplay, the miniatures themselves, etc. All fodder for gaming.