Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An interesting idea...

Morning all from a very misty Tradgardland.Just a quick post prior to getting the train to work. Of late I have been inspired by the whole Oldhammer  wargaming scene here in Blogdom.As well as super models,enthusiasm and a good spirit of gaming fun I like the idea of referring to Warhammer as a gaming system not a marketing tool as one fellow puts it. I was very taken by this- The Oldhammer Contract-

Ok so it is probably old hat to most of you but is a post by a fellow blogger well worth reading.Much has happened since (he says) but his idea has much to tell whatever period you play still.Do click on the link and have a shuftie.


  1. Well I am truly hooked by this idea, I just need to find an opponent. Thinking of travelling to Nottingham for the Oldhammer Day in August.

  2. Thanks for brinbing this blog and blog entry to my attention.

    I have never played any of the Warhammer games/rules ... BUT I like this blogger's thinking! It is a system (just like many others) and it is supposed to be FUN to use, and those using it are supposed to ENJOY the experience.

    All power to his elbow ...

    All the best,


  3. I remember playing Warhammer back at these editions and they were great fun, if you could can up with a backstory that was good enough. Pity that they fun spark has gone and good to see someone taking the time to being it back to life

  4. Hey - thanks for the shout. Its always nice to have ones rambling rants appreciated :-)