Saturday 24 January 2015

Weekend & a celebration

Weekend at last! These new recruits for Counterpania arrived during the week-
Enough for two units of cavalry .The following will be a naval landing party,some Staff/Generals and another infantry unit-
I will use Milliput to fashion a head for the broken chap.
Today Jan and I had a most enjoyable day looking around Bruntsfield and Holy Corner (so named because it is a crossroads with a number of churches nearby) in Edinburgh.Coffee and some browsing/shopping was enjoyed by us both.Our trip into the City was to celebrate our 24th Wedding Anniversary,which falls on  Monday.
I managed to pick up a wee bargain in the Shelter shop-
Interesting as I had only been watching the film on dvd last night! I find the character of Stonewall Jackson very  compelling and must read more on his life - any suggestions?The Virginian uniforms at the start of the film are very interesting ( who are the guys in tricorns?)and tempting to replicate in figures.Does anyone do such in 15mm ?
BTW still moving slowly towards the door but it is a tiring and frustrating journey...

Sunday 18 January 2015


After church today Jan and I went out to do the first gardening of this year- trim the old hellebore leaves and generally tidy up.It was a beautiful ,sunny if chilly day in the Duchy. Later Tom popped by with some figures for me-
Some splendid cavalry for my ancient gaming and a gun a gabion emplacement to use in other games- many thanks Tom. Look out for  them in games soon!
I'm posting a comparison of my Prince August conversion alongside one of my semi -round fellows-
I'm quite pleased with the conversion-
but not sure how he looks alongside the tall,elegant semi- round.
An attempt at scratchbuilding semi round vehicles came to an abrupt end when I failed to find the wheels/bits and bobs I thought were in the shed. Anyone know of an online source of plastic wheels,pipes etc one could use in scratch building vehicles to match these chaps?

Saturday 17 January 2015

Further questions of scale etc

Awoke early and eventually rose at 5.00 am. I listened to a splendid radio adaption (1.5 hours) of " The Prisoner of Zenda" on BBC radio iplayer whilst painting these Heyde homage Irregular Miniatures figures,here pictured alongside my figures from the previous post for comparison-
Later in the day I recalled ( and sought out) some old lead soldiers I had bought but forgotten about-
They are rather worse for wear and I can't decide whether to leave them or give them a shiny new uniform.Any thoughts?
Finally a picture of all three types together-
 I think the Heyde chap in the centre would work with the semi round fellows but the chap on the right is just too big. Perhaps in a game situation it might work,I may give it a go,we shall see. No time/opportunity to set up a trial game today but  perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time your comments would be useful and appreciated...
Finally does anyone know of whether one can get semi round  vintage cars/armoured cars or will I need to scratch build to find something to match my artillery?

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Reinforcements & a question of scale

The Counterpanian Army took delivery of some modern artillery this morning, shipped in through the port of Ebay on the coast-
The proud gunners in action
I also took a photo of some troops beside an Airfix cottage -
I know they are out of scale but I wonder if it might serve well in a "Toy soldier" type game.Tell me what you think.

Sunday 11 January 2015

Counterpania or On the painting desk...

Found these pictures of Swedish uniform designs circa 1902
I thought I would have a go at converting a Prince August chap to the above uniform in order to use against the Counterpanian Army in yesterday's blog-
Prototype with Milliput added,we will see how we go...

Saturday 10 January 2015

On maneuver with the Counterpanian Army...

In Guyleria,in the land of Counterpania,the Counterpanian Army is holding it's annual Maneuvers:
The Glen Campbell Light Infantry (nicknamed The Rhinestones) exercise with some Landwehr.
Sadly out of focus photograph- still getting used to my wife's new camera- not that familiarity gives me any better understanding. I just point focus and shoot!
Infantry train to attack troops with the bayonet whilst their Ensign and Oficer look on...
Artillery open fire with antiquated cannon in the outskirts of a village.
Others fire from a position within the forest.
Figures are 54mm semi-round ,probably Schneider homecasts,photographed in front of a model railway backdrop and a watercolour we have in the house.I have used  normal 25 mm guns ( Front Rank and Spencer Smith) to see how it looks but am interested in using  semi-round guns too. I am pleased with the look and feel of the figures.They don't take up a huge amount of space on the tabletop and have an  old charm about them.I am on the look out for more,possibly moulds too.I think they will give a good "toy soldier" game on the table top...

Thursday 8 January 2015


Thanks for your supportive comments and thanks to Tom for his kind figure offer which I will be delighted to take up- must arrange a time for coffee/handover soon.
A door is opening for me-
I cannot say more at present but I am delighted...

Sunday 4 January 2015


A big and important  week lies before me when I go back after the hols tomorrow. Prayers,positive thoughts etc would be appreciated...

Saturday 3 January 2015

Another Tradgardland- part the first.

The Duchy of Tradgardland is place of many conceits-
where good people like Mr & Mrs Norris may be shocked by tittle tattle imparted by a tomte and
 men of learning like the Duke himself may exchange wisdom with the folk of Faery.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year etc

Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us in the Duchy of Tradgardland. Family cooking together in the kitchen as I type and a super meal looming soon.
I have a game set up today which I will play later this afternoon-
for pictures.Incidentally I will post all my ancient gaming on this blog this year.

As for the shape of things to come I am currently acquiring these semi round chaps-

to use in some gaming ( along with my semi round warrior braves- see Christmastide post) with either Ross McFarlane's Tin Brigadier rules or Little Wars. Current thoughts for this project is a  country named  Counterpania.
The Duchy of Tradgardland will not be neglected in gaming/painting terms this year I hope.Other than this we will see what happens- game more,have fun with the hobby is the plan.Finally a figure I got for Christmas and painted before breakfast today-
He is to be a hero/general who sells his sword to the highest bidder.I am looking for a name for him- any suggestions?