Saturday, 17 January 2015

Further questions of scale etc

Awoke early and eventually rose at 5.00 am. I listened to a splendid radio adaption (1.5 hours) of " The Prisoner of Zenda" on BBC radio iplayer whilst painting these Heyde homage Irregular Miniatures figures,here pictured alongside my figures from the previous post for comparison-
Later in the day I recalled ( and sought out) some old lead soldiers I had bought but forgotten about-
They are rather worse for wear and I can't decide whether to leave them or give them a shiny new uniform.Any thoughts?
Finally a picture of all three types together-
 I think the Heyde chap in the centre would work with the semi round fellows but the chap on the right is just too big. Perhaps in a game situation it might work,I may give it a go,we shall see. No time/opportunity to set up a trial game today but  perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time your comments would be useful and appreciated...
Finally does anyone know of whether one can get semi round  vintage cars/armoured cars or will I need to scratch build to find something to match my artillery?


  1. Collectors would throw up their arms in horror at the thought of re-painting old figures - but I've done it myself - have been tempted by the Irregular Homage figures . Wonder if making an armoured car out of thick balsa or card would work ? - profile like ? , Tony

    1. Some modelling in card etc for me time permitting today I feel...

  2. Love those Deuche Homage figures. Really wonderful stuff. There was a chap a while back did some lovely India mutiny conversions with them.

    1. Was that the great series of articles in Mr Olleys late lamented journal?

  3. I might mix them if desperate but wouldn't be happy about it.

    I didn't realize the new figures were so small. I have molds for PA indians that would be a good fit if you'd like some.

    As for repainting, I have some old Britain's that I meant to repaint but haven't managed to get myself to do it.

  4. I too love the Deutche Homage figures but they do look strange with the slim thin semi round.Ross would the PA Indians fit well size wise?The PA Swede I have been working on looks a bit big with the Schneider chaps,I will post a picture today and let me know what you feel.
    Having slept on it I feel that as much as I like a general toy soldier feel ,reminding me of my Timpo,Britains etc mix as a boy,I like the aesthetic of sticking to the semi round home casts on the table.
    I guess it is all a matter of taste as ever in our splendid hobby!

  5. I've never collected vintage toy soldiers but a post like this shows me the attraction. I wouldn't paint the old Britains if I were in your shoes. As for scale, I think they might go well enough on he table, reflecting he boyhood battles you describe, which I fondly remember,
    Best, M