Sunday 24 February 2008


Duke Karl hastily writes a note of thanks to the rulers of Hesse- Engleberg thanking them for their concern, help and intervention. He states he has heard little to nothing of the situation in Shetland . He leaves them to take what action they see fit.
The courier leaves and returns from whence he came.

Saturday 23 February 2008

A courier is recieved....

The Duke rises early and go forth to meet the courier from Hesse-Engleberg he has been informed of.After enquiring if the man was given food the Duke asks what business is so urgent. The letter is handed over and Karl Frederick reads......

Friday 22 February 2008

O lucky Man !

I am rather excited to say the least. I will not be at school next week, in my usual classroom. Instead I will begin a five day placement with the Royal College of Surgeons ,Edinbugh, to work as part of a team creating educational materials and activities for primary and secondary aged children to use in conjunction with the museum there. The photo is of the magnificent Playfair building I will be working in. It is a fantastic opportunity and I am most grateful to my boss for letting me go. It contains displays of military surgery through the years and much ,much more! Roll on Monday .....


Late,in the still hours between the night and morning, Karl Frederick is awake. He is preparing an agenda for the next Inner Council meeting. He mulls over in his mind the situation in Shetland, the imprisonment of Alisona and other matters pertaining to relations between the family of Europa and the Duchy. These matters will have to discussed and he is sure of the fact that such discussions will be fraught.

Domestic matters weigh upon him too. How will the Inner Council accept the presence of the Duchess at meetings? As c0-ruler her place is by right upon the Council. Administrative burdens will take up much of the meeting . Still it must be accomplished.Karl Frederick finishes his draught, blows out the candle and lies shivering until dawn creeps upon the Duchy.

Vive La France?

I speak personally now and do not wish to offend the sensibilities of anyone at all. Over the last few days I have come to a decision that changes my current plans. I feel I cannot continue to bring more unpainted lead into the house until I paint some of the backlog. Therefore the Spanish are on hold for the present. However the good thing is I am about to embark upon the painting of a 1470’s French army for dbm/dbmm. I am quite excited about this as it will get upon the table figures I have had for too many years. Command figures this weekend I hope…

Sunday 10 February 2008

A letter from Shetland...

The first Sunday of Lent finds the Duke engaging in a game of Tennis with the Duc de Padirac -a fierce yet cunning opponent. The game is watched by the duchess and other members of the court. During a particuarly energetic rally a letter is delivered to the Duchess. She opens it, gasps and falls faint uopon the floor. The Duke rushes to her side , sees that she is in the good hands of the ladies of the court and picks up the discarded letter. His face distorts in anger- the letter flying crushed from his hand. Without another word Karl Frederick strides back onto the court and civilly asks the Duc to serve. In the midst of the royal game much thinking will be done....

Thursday 7 February 2008

Council venue

The Inner Council of the Duchy will meet soon for one of its monthly meetings. It consists of those who are the closest advisors to Duke Karl Frederick. Meetings are held behind locked doors ,with an armed guard stationed outwith. The venue of choice is an old,brightly painted inn called "The Seventh Seal."

Legend tells, that in centuries gone by, a noble Tradgardian knight was often seen playing chess in the back parlour with a palid man dressed in black.The legend is reflected upon the sign swinging in the wind this cold February day. The inn is the favourite haunt of that hero of the Duchy Von Bergmann

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Ash Wednesday

The mist has cleared and the Sun begins to shine over the winter topiary garden. Today is Ash Wednesday and all will remember that they came from dust and will return to dust.

The gardeners remember that the season of cultivation will proceed soon -for the Duchy is known for its gardens and skill in the growing and maintaining of plants exotic and mundane.

This season of Lent the subjects of the Duke will attempt communally and individually to grow a good crop in their wintery hearts so they might more worthily celebrate the great feast of Easter.

Monday 4 February 2008

Duc de Padirac

In his library the Duke de Padirac is thumbing through his copy of the memories of the Marshall de Saxe . The well thumbed copy has been carefully anotated by the Duc and, in the margins diagrams abound.

The Duc is considering what part of the legion to raise next and is looking for uniform inspiration from his friend L'abbe Volarii who will be the Legion's chaplin. Volarii has attached himself to the Ducal household of De Padirac as private chaplain and tutor to the Ducal triplets . The Duchess de Padirac is drawing the designs for the uniforms and currently is engaged in embroidering the legion's banner with symbols fitting to her husband's interest and pursuits.

Saturday 2 February 2008

The Ducal Society

At the now Weekly gathering of the Ducal Society all eyes were upon the body recently found in boggy, peaty land not far from the Ducal Capital. The gentlemen were unable to ascertain its age but agreement prevailed as to the corpse being not of the current age. The artifacts found nearby were the subject of lively debate as to useage and provenence. The Duc de Padirac, one of the company with much prior knowledge, felt that all eyes were upon a remote ancestor. The evening ended in convivial sharing of tobacco and ale prior to ajourment at a late hour.