Friday, 22 February 2008


Late,in the still hours between the night and morning, Karl Frederick is awake. He is preparing an agenda for the next Inner Council meeting. He mulls over in his mind the situation in Shetland, the imprisonment of Alisona and other matters pertaining to relations between the family of Europa and the Duchy. These matters will have to discussed and he is sure of the fact that such discussions will be fraught.

Domestic matters weigh upon him too. How will the Inner Council accept the presence of the Duchess at meetings? As c0-ruler her place is by right upon the Council. Administrative burdens will take up much of the meeting . Still it must be accomplished.Karl Frederick finishes his draught, blows out the candle and lies shivering until dawn creeps upon the Duchy.


  1. And with the dawn, a rider awaits the Duke's rising, in the pink and purple of the Hussars of the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Getrude....a courier bearing a letter from Hesse-Engelburg who insists his visit is urgent.