Thursday 27 September 2007

Full Moon

It is full moon once more in Tradgardland - the time of changing over. Songs,stories gossip and news are exchanged upon the roads large and small.

People consult the moon Dials carved above doors and built into village squres. They wish to know when loved ones will be around the fireside once more.

The weather is taking a colder turn and people say it will be a cruel winter. The logs are piled higher than ever to dry. It is time to prepare ...

Monday 24 September 2007


It is the Autumn equinox and the Duchy is blasted by severe winds. The bean towers sway with concerning vigour, the tiles rattle and good folk huddle round the fire. In the Palace the Duke and Duchess are absorbed in their own thoughts oblivious to the storm raging. The Duke reads a paper submitted on mounted tactics with evident boredom while his wife concerns herself with the hiring and firing of the Kitchen staff who are rumoured to have sympathies with the enemies of Tradgardland. Storms within and without rock the Duchy yet it continues. Hopes are high for an Alliance with Gallia but only time will tell.

Thursday 20 September 2007

Ny Tradgardland

The meagre harvest has been gathered in around Ny Tradgarland but the inhabitants are grateful. Soon a vessel will arrive with supplies,news and people.

The days of waiting can be hard but people fill them as best they can and there is much to do...

Wednesday 19 September 2007


In fields and courtyards the practice has begun.The people of the Duchy prepare for another season of jousting. Talk is of horses and the best wood for lances, of last season's victories and hopes for the coming year. Teams train, drink,squabble and pray together. The honour of a hundred guild,herrengard or fraternal group is at stake.

The rules are simple :

Teams of five riders plus two spare horses. The teams take it in turns to gallop at a suspended ring. If it is caught fair and square they gain a point. Each rider rides twice. At the end scores are compared and a winner declared. In the event of a tie it is "sudden death " until a mistake is made and a ring missed or dropped.

And so in the season of mellow fruitfulness and harvest the Duchy can again turn its thought and energies to this sport of Dukes ,Kings and everyman.

Monday 17 September 2007

A Ducal Day

In the quiet ecclesiastical setting pictured left Duchess Liv again lights candles for the safe return and happiness of her daughter Alisona.
She has been made aware, by sources wise and reliable, that her daughter boarded a vessel in the company of another. Destination is unknown.
As the bell tinkles softly for the start of Mass , Liv joins her husband in the Ducal Chapel. His thoughts, unbeknown to her, are with Alisona too.
After Mass the Ducal couple leave to a flurry of petitions. The Duke touches an invalid whose family still believe in the healing power of a true born Duke. Time will tell if health returns.
Afternoon sees the couple strolling in the garden admiring the Barlotti beans as they ripen to mottled red and white.
The couple are sought by the Ducal Jagare meister ( a hereditary office passed from father to son since the 15th century) about the forthcoming Autumn Boar hunt where the young sons of the Herrengard will be put through their paces. The Duke confirms his desire to attend and the Duchess assures that she and the ladies of the court shall await the return at the end of events. She will present the hat feathers to the most accomplished hunter that day.

Friday 14 September 2007

Thank You

Across the Duchy the celebrations end with firework displays. From the simple village affairs to the grand Ducal pyrotechnic extravaganza ,all are enjoyed and offered as simple celebration and thanksgiving to God and man for the safe home of next year's food.

Thursday 13 September 2007

Harvest Home....

The Duke and Duchy extend best wishes to all her fellow Europeans at this season of Harvest Home and Holy Cross Day. May we all continue to harvest the joys of good fellowship and company in the 18th century together! Thanks to all for their creativity and continuing efforts.

Monday 10 September 2007

At Sea...

Alisona and her beau have not been stricken too badly by sea sickness. The journey is appearing to take ages- Ny Tradgardland is far from Europa. The couple make plans for a new life -if their identity can remain unknown. There ,however, is plenty time to dream ,plan and scheme.

Sunday 9 September 2007

Of Pedometers and Ale...

In his study the Duke analyses the results of the Manoeuvres. The pedometer was successfully adapted to work upon a horse. He is pleased with the distance travelled and is ready to give his accent to the new unit being raised. They will be a mounted jaeger unit . He signs the papers and settles down for a flagon of Karlberg Ale heated with a poker from the fire .

Saturday 8 September 2007

Manouvers in the forest....

In the forests of the Duchy a mixed force of jaegers, local farmers and woodsmen ( who have sailed over from Ny Tradgardland to share their skills and expertise) are on maneuvers. They are attempting to apply the lessons of the New World to the Old. They work alongside the militia specialising in light infantry tactics and kliene kreig. It is hoped that they will patrol the Duchy frontiers in times of crisis and war. At the end of the manoeuvres a report will be written and sent to the Inner Council for consideration as to future use and deployment.

Friday 7 September 2007

Library at night

Late at night,in his apartments , Karl Frederick flicks through some dust laden tomes from centuries ago. He muses upon the great military deeds of his ancestors and wonders what he will be remembered for.
He thinks of Alisona , of his estranged brother Max and of the hopes of an understanding with Gallia.
He gazes intently at the parchment and observes the details of martial endeavour and purpose. Suddenly exhausted he closes the folio with a thud, extinguishes the candles and heads for the arms of Morpheus.

Thursday 6 September 2007

Phil Olley

Phil Olley is fundraising for Cancer Research ,if you wish to donate and help him to help others use the following link:

The Duchy says go for it Phil and Go for it too ( Good Blog Reader) and sponsor him!
Fraternal Thanks
Karl Frederick


It is the Harvest Season . The country basks under a Golden Sun.

Sunday 2 September 2007

A letter to Gallia

Late in the evening, after some observations of the heavenly spheres, Karl Frederick calls his secretary and dictates as follows -

Gentlemen Greetings

I send you fraternal good wishes and trust that this letter finds you in good health. In the past and by various agencies our countries have been in communication. Through circumstances and my agents we have reached no resolution in days past. I wish for this to cease. I wish to open direct and full communications with you personally. I am sending my seal with this letter as a mark of good faith. May this mark a good fortune for both ourselves and all that is true.

Karl Frederick

Duke of Tradgardland

The Duke instructs this to be write, brought to him for the Ducal seal and then directly taken to Gallia by swift boat of passage directly this very night.


Concern grows in the palace over the absence of Alisona. Eventually a scribbled note is found from her to the Duke. He reads it and throws it upon the fire saying nothing. Calling upon his secretary he asks that he inform the Palace that her name is not to be mentioned again. The Duchess , distraught, leaves the room in haste to her own apartments.