Monday 10 September 2007

At Sea...

Alisona and her beau have not been stricken too badly by sea sickness. The journey is appearing to take ages- Ny Tradgardland is far from Europa. The couple make plans for a new life -if their identity can remain unknown. There ,however, is plenty time to dream ,plan and scheme.


  1. This could be an interesting story thread to follow. However, events in Europa are my main focus.

    -- Jeff

  2. Shall we discover the flag of Ny Tradgarland when the ship enters the harbor?
    You already have an unit of Ny Tradgarlanders (& Indians) on the european theatre: a perfectly good reason to post about Ny Tradgarland on the 'EvE' blog. Historically the European wars were reflected in the New Continent -what about an impact in the opposite direction, for a change?

  3. Mon tres cher ami,
    Please see my comments just posted to your Spetember 2nd. message to Gallia.
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