Wednesday 28 May 2008


The new Italian fencing master is taking the Duchy by storm. The high and low born alike flock to his Salle on a daily basis. Today even the Duke himself was swept up in the latest craze to sweep the Duchy. Lessons at Court proved uneventful as the Duke ( already an accomplished fencer and exponent of the long defunct Talhofer school of longsword) put the Italian through his paces. Honours proved to be about even and members of the Inner Council fenced contentedly well into the night. The evening was ended with wine under the stars as all thrilled at the Fencing Master's tales of duels lost and won...

Monday 26 May 2008


The Legione Tradgardland and the Duc de Padirac getting ready to see action in Scotland...

Friday 23 May 2008

A letter to the Tradgardland General Staff...


I write as the jaegermeister commanding the Foot jaegers of the Army of the Duchy of Skogsmork. We request a opportunity to participate in the annual Rifle shooting competition held in Tradgardland . We come to show our skill with the windenbuch air propulsion rifle and our superior eyes- honed upon the field of Mars and the chase. We ask for an immediate reply to our request by messenger.

Andreas Althof


Monday 19 May 2008

The Sun shines in the Duchy...

It is the Holiday Monday for Edinburgh Schools so I am off. The sun is shining here in the Duchy of Tradgardland, the grass is cut and I have just planted out my Bolotti beans beside their willow structure. I have carefully laid dried coffee grounds around each one to hopefully keep off the slugs. Slugs are like wargame rules lawyers- they turn up out of the blue and all is spoilt!

I have begun to paint my opposition to Phil's Burgundians- late 15th century Imperialists. They are based upon Foundry figures I have had for ages- the figures are so atmospheric and I almost feel transported back in time as I look at them. I trust I can do some justice to them painting wise.The figures are a heady mix of City Militias , Mercenaries , Knights and other odds and ends . I am trying to get flag details and livery details. I am inspired - this will be one flank of THE SUMMER PROJECT! With 7 weeks off in teaching I am truly blessed and intend to take my Germans forward. The other flank will be ongoing work with the SYW - painting basing etc. I am still debating whether to single base with movement trays or magnetics OR multiple bases with doubles and singles for casualties. Any thoughts Gentlemen?
p.s a gratuitous photo of Copenhagen for no other than the reason it has inspired much of my thinking about Tradgardland and I love the place...

Sunday 11 May 2008


I went with a friend to Carronade yesterday - excellent show with light and airy venue. I saw the new old school miniatures in the flesh and they are excellent - well worth getting! Afterwards we returned to my friend Phil's garden for a wargame al fresco. Everything was set up , the game began and then the sky darkened , thunder rolled and a quick exit was made to the house- the tiles enabling the game to be set up in the lounge! This was the first outing for Charles the Bold against the Swiss. I commanded the Swiss and an exciting game ensued . The Swiss won and Charles the bold met his demise during the game. Figures painted by Phil - who also took the enclosed photos. It was a good day....

Friday 9 May 2008

Out of Character once more...

My plans for a "historical " force are on the move. I have always been fascinated by the Reichsarmee - a sadly underrated bunch of chaps- well maybe not! I am going to raise some of the Reichsarmee present as Rossbach, as well as some Austrian grenzers and huzzars for good measure. I am excited and invigorated by the propect. Plans are afoot to involve them in the escalating situation betwixt Skogsmork and Tradgardland- watch this space and pray be patient (the temptations of the garden and the sun are calling) as plans come together....
P.S off to the wargames show Carronade at Falkirk tomorrow - hope to be inspired !!!

Thursday 8 May 2008

The next morning

By dawn the men who had been lurking upon the border with Skogsmork had been captured and were ensconced within a prison cell in Tradgardland's Capital. The Duke himself was called upon to speak with them in person. He reminded them that although Judaical torture was outlawed within the Duchy in 1750, in cases of treasonous behaviour, he could not guarantee their safety.
The men remained silent,yet respectful, throughout the interview. With a sorrowful shake of his head ,Duke Karl Frederick left the cell. The prisoner's fate would be put before the Inner Council when they meet next week...

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Magic Lantern

After darkness fell the members of the Ducal Society gathered in the Palace. As ever, Duke Karl Frederick chaired the meeting. Tonight a new and dynamic method of projecting images and light would be displayed to members by a Dutchman who had pioneered the work. The gentlemen were treated to a vast array of images from scenes pastoral to scenes demonic ( as above) and terrifying. Towards the end of the proceedings the Duke was called away to be told of strange events upon the border with Skogsmork....

Tuesday 6 May 2008

5th May 2008 and 1758

At home yesterday for May Day . Much gardening accomplished and seeds sown - a good sunny day. Managed time a.m to go under the stairs to sort out my Reichsarmee / Austrian forces to be painted for BAR. Perused flag uniforms books too - most useful time.
The Duke and Duchess of Tradgardland walked through the orchards surrounding the Palace . They took in glorious sight of the blossom filled trees and how they signified the arrival of Spring . A messenger arrived with a letter , brought by Tradgardland fishermen, from Vonn Bergmann . It told of his part in the recent battle and how the Prince had won a glorious victory in Britannia. The Duke and Duchess read with interest, each quietly reflecting upon the fact God had delivered their oldest and most trusted friend on the day of battle.

Thursday 1 May 2008

Nicobar Islands

Re my recent postings on dispositions on EvE :

Perhaps this map will help show you where the Nicobar islands are. They were bought from the Danish East Indies Company for an undisclosed sum of money. Rumour has it that they wanted rid quickly for reasons known only to them! Relations are friendly with the Danish possessions in the area where Tradgardland vessels are welcome to refuel,resupply and rest. It goes without saying that Tradgardland reciprocates in a like wise manner.

Tradgardland built a fort , upon the largest island,which manned to this day as well as accommodation for a number of important personnel. Other settlements are scattered on the other islands -each raising militia for self-defence. Communication with the Duchy takes a long time by boat and dispatches are irregular to say the least. The Governor, Antonious Block, is believed to be in residence in Fort Karl Frederick at present.