Friday 21 October 2016

Further adventures of the Society for Convivial Anachronism

A visit to the Mathom-house at Michael Delving saw a hand cart being filled with heavy sacks.The next day farmer Maggot noticed that some of his goats were missing. Soon the S.C.A were the talk of the district-

Saturday 15 October 2016


It is autumn here in the Duchy of Tradgardland.Today the rain and wind lash the house and I will delay going out for supplies.Indoors some Brittanian soldiers are put through their paces prior to the coming campaign.

Friday 14 October 2016

Regiment Blauer Bar

On parade with his regiment  is Colonel Geoffrey von Blauer Bar.They are a Stagonian regiment in the pay of the Duke of Tradgardland. Proudly they bear their colours featuring a Tradgardland rose background with the Stagonian Stag rampant.
Rest in Peace Jeff !

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Brief Battle Report

The rules used were the "Introduction to Battle Gaming" ones by Terry Wise. They provided an exciting,if bloody, solo game. Back in my student days at the Edinburgh Uni Wargames Club I played a lot of Johnny Reb rules with 15mm figures and look back on the system/games with affection. More recently I played "Bull Run to Gettysburg" by Foundry in 28mm with my regular opponent a little. All in all the Wise  rules worked well, produced a credible result,were easy to remember and were great fun. Here are a few photos of the game-
The Confederate advance in the face of artillery and small arms fire.
The aftermath of the Confederate charge prior to them retiring from the field of battle...

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Anyone recognise these?

In the back and front flyleaves of my copy of "Introduction to Battle Gaming" by Terry Wise I pasted  ( over 40 years ago and copied out in my own handwriting) some rules additions for ACW gaming-
They comprise morale rules, a firing chart and rules for gating guns. I am sure I didn't make them up myself. I wonder can anyone shed light on where on earth I got them from?

Monday 10 October 2016


The Union Army is defending a ridge-
Behind ,lies a small township and wood-
The Confederates mass before the attack-
The view from Confederate lines- it sure looks a long way...
Battle report to follow later.


Last Tuesday I attended an interesting event in Blackwell's shop in  Edinburgh-
Photo courtesy of btw. Myself in Tradgardland rose shirt in photo.
Blackwell's hosted handsomely an excellent evening of speakers ( including Dan Mersey) and games. Well worth looking out for future events I say.

Saturday 8 October 2016

Airfix conversions

One of the joys of second hand figures is the pleasure of seeing the artistry of others. My immediate reaction is not normally to repaint but to try and preserve/improve the work of the former owner. It is a joy therefore to see these-
Excellent conversions of Airfix cowboys to act as officers for Hilton Hunt zouaves. I am delighted to field such as these.

Tuesday 4 October 2016


I did as suggested and went to ebay. These arrived yesterday-
They are mainly Airfix with some metal figures (zouaves,infantry and cavalry) I don't recognise.Does anyone know the manufacturer of these rather splendid chaps?
 I am very pleased with my purchase which will form a good start to a collection. Seeing those Airfix figures brings back memories as well as thoughts of battles to come. Finally does anyone know if Terry Wise's Airfix ACW guide contains a set of rules?

Sunday 2 October 2016

Society for Convivial Anachronism

"Ever since Mr Baggins found the secret rooms off the  back pantry things haven't been the same round the hill. There's been a clunking and a clanking,a coming and a going.Sack after sack dragged out into the light of day. Now Mr Baggins and his friends dress up in the rusty old armour, march here and there and dine together. They call themselves the Society for Convivial Anachronism or SCA for short. Arrows flying everywhere and nasty looking swords lying about.It all seemed highjinks until the day the goblins came..."

My Kickstarter of Halflings arrived and what a lot there are,all beautifully produced mind you.I wondered what to do with them all. Yesterday I compared them to the Vendel (can't recall what they are called now) figures I got last autumn (orcs,elves etc) and they look fine alongside them.

So what I intend to do is raise a forces of hobbits in rusty armour for Dragon Rampant. I have been playing around with this backstory for some time.Let me know what you think...