Saturday 30 March 2013

Easter Greetings

A Rodney Matthews picture for you all-entitled Sonrise...
A Happy Easter to you and yours from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!

Miniature matters horticultural...

"The gardens of England are becoming veritable jungles, such exotics are grossly unsuitable. If the Garden of Eden was planned for England, God would have seen to it." Mr Talmann

As a boy my parents bought me a miniature garden made by Britains. I quite enjoyed the planting of borders,the greenhouse & rockpool. Gradually over time the elements of it got incorporated into toy soldier battles which became my main interest and eventually the garden toys got lost and separated . Only an odd bit remains.
The picture above is from a website selling Britains garden things today and it is quite an expensive hobby it would appear by my brief glance.It was great to look but I am not starting another nostalgia project...

However ,like others, I have been thinking modelling some gardens for my Duchy of Tradgardland.I have already created them in my mind,in some posts supported by images from the net and in my notes regarding the Duchy Now I would like to make one to place 28mm figures in - a place of intrigue,assignation,industry,discourse,commerce,wit, erudition and theological speculation- not to mention duels and skirmishes.But where to begin?
 I feel I have enough sources and imagination to plan what I am looking for- formal in nature,topiary abounding and enough places for discrete conversations to take place.However I am unsure where to begin in 28mm.
Statues are easy- 28mm or larger figures painted bronze.
Topiary I am wondering about simple 3d shapes (wood perhaps) flocked or even simply painted a dark green.I am not looking to make a diorama that is left up looking exquisite but rather a tool kit of diverse parts which can be stored and reassembled in a variety of ways to produce different gardens.
Gentlemen ideas if you please and also suggestions for suitable figures,pet hounds and furnishings.I look forward to hearing from you... 

Thursday 28 March 2013

Wigs for my lord Springinsfeld and diverse matters

A splendid periwig vignette awaits you at-

Inspired by it I post the following pictures asking you to identify their sources-

Answers below in comment form & may the best periwig win...

A crossing of the Rubicon

Today we finally finished getting my late mother's flat ready for rental.We handed in the keys to the letting agent and that is the end of our access. A big day filled with memories.
On the way home we stopped at a localish & splendid  garden centre ( New Hopetoun Gardens Garden Centre- near Edinburgh on the road to Linlithgow) to look for a pot for alpines and plants to put in it. This was to be bought from birthday monies still unspent.Here is what I got-
I look forward to planting them over the forthcoming days...

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Arraying the foote for Charge circa 1670...

Morning all!
I am laying out arrangements of coins for a protected 1670s foray using Charge. 1n 1969 the redoubtable Brigadier Peter Young published ( don't forget to click on the photos to make them bigger...) the following-
I laid it out in one pence coins in preparation for using 20mm figures as follows-
I left the sergeants, officers etc at the back but would put them in place when setting up on a battlefield.What do you think gentlemen?
Finally a gratuitous picture of the splendid fashions of the day,enjoy!

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Doing my Homework...

I have got some homework to do for a forthcoming 15th Century game a week on Saturday between the forces of the Swiss Confederation and those of Charles the Bold...
For years we played WRG 6th Ed,bought but never played 7th then moved onto DBM. DBM (and I guess 6th ed) gave good fun and good service but we have become dissatisfied with them of late. So we have these Terry Gore rules in mind- using elements but also combining things I like such as morale tests and echoes of 6th ed.I wonder if any of you chaps have  used these at all?

Monday 25 March 2013

What I'm watching...

Finally got round this evening to watching part of "John Carter of Mars" and how delighted  I was by it. I read all the books in my teens,had the TSR rules and Hinchcliffe(?) figures many,many moons ago. I still have the second half to go but so far so good ,can't wait to finish it. What did you chaps think?
Finally a snap shot of some of the Duchy dvd collection .Click on the picture to enlarge and let me know what you think.

Sunday 24 March 2013

Palm Sunday

On my Easter hols now .I had great plans re painting and gaming today but have felt cold,shivery with aching sinuses and ears.Consequently I have done little today since church except for dozing and trying to keep warm.Normal service here and at home soon I hope...

Sunday 17 March 2013

On the painting table etc

Well it's Sunday afternoon again.Jan &I went to a terrific study day on the documents of Vatican II yesterday given by an inspirational speaker Fr Basil Clark. He combines great scholarship with accessible delivery backed up by many  witty asides.
I got the paints out this morning but soon realised I was too tired to have success and popped them away again.I had hoped to post some shots of my mercenaries but they are not quite ready so here is a stand of medieval civilians nearly finished.
This coming week sees a number of metaphorical high walls to jump over at school and otherwise prior to two weeks Easter hols starting on Friday. I hope then to have some R&R,sleep better,paint and do those things which get put aside mentally and physically so often.
Oh,I nearly forgot -a very happy St Patrick's Day to all who celebrate today!

Saturday 16 March 2013

I blame John Preece...

Well actually I don't ,in fact I am indebted to him for helping me recall ideas that have been at the back of my  mind for years! They are in a dusty portable writing case ,sorry my mind,where old plans lie about and hope to be recalled.This all  happened as a result of comments upon my recent picture of part of my bookcase.So Saturday morning early has seen me scurrying off to my copies of Lawson and Childs.So thanks John,at the very least I will dust off the old plans ,add to them and file them away.Or perhaps something more.We shall see.
Addendum -John, how do I contact Old John re buying a sample of his 1670s 20mm chaps?

Friday 15 March 2013

To the North yet again

Ulfheonar having not been hired by Ogmund Half -Troll have sulked and moaned their way (kicking aside any stray hound that got in their way not to mention youths) across the valley to the Hall of the chieftain Elk-Bjorn. They offered their services as bodyguards.Elk-Bjorn has taken them willingly into his service ...
Olaf Lynx (Elk-Bjorn's loyal standardbearer and friend) is less sure of the newcomers but the forthcoming raid upon Ogmund Half-Troll's village will be an opportunity for them to prove their worth...
The forthcoming battle will be fought with Tidders splendid (Old School at their very best) rules to be found here-

Eat your heart out Saga I say!!!

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Help with blogger!!!!

How do I get the reply thingie under each comment so I can reply to them individually?Thanks in anticipation...

A later start...

Today I am not at school or in class as I am off to a day conference in Edinburgh to be held at Murrayfield Stadium.I hope it will be interesting and inspiring and filled with ideas to take back to the classroom on a variety of subjects.Therefore I have a little more time to drink coffee,read your latest blog posts and browse books- hence my picture of a small part of my library posted above.
I will also give some thought, as I travel on the train and walk afterwards from Haymarket to the stadium, to the opponents to my medieval Tradgardlanders.
Already an army has begun to take shape (partly in my mind and also in the amassing of lead new and dug out from the shed) in terms of a pretender to the Ducal throne leading an army of outlandish mercenaries and renegade Tradgardland knights marching on the capital...
Time to think today as well as a newly arrived copy "Orthodoxy" by G K Chesterton to browse,not to mention it was light as I woke up.Have a good day whatever you are doing and thanks for your company daily in Blogdom!

Saturday 9 March 2013

Positively Medieval!

Bee in the bonnet time- I hate when people use the word "Medieval" in a pejorative sense.It seems to be everywhere these days and the useage sooo misses the mark.Rant over ,but don't you agree?
Anyway I was delighted with my birthday gifts including this magnificent book of photos of medieval reenactors-
 Published by Karwansaray it is beautifully bound and a joy to read and hold.
This week I have continued to paint up Medievals for Oldhammer games.The Tradgardlanders are almost complete-
The smallish force works out as follows-
1 unit of 12 Golden herring Knights on foot
2 units of 12 bow armed men at arms
1 unit of 8 crossbow armed men at arms
1 unit of 2HW armed men at arms
1 minor hero with bow- winner of the Ducal archery contest five years in a row
1 major hero with 2HW in plate armour- The Duke's Champion - winner of the annual tournament

Now to ask for your help-
Do you think I should add static grass to the bases or leave them simple with just the green paint showing.Please leave your thoughts as comments below or vote on the poll ,thanks!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

53 not out and the Knights of the Golden Herring

Followers of the Duchy of Tradgardland may remember this post from June 2007 regarding the foundation legend of the Duchy-

Legend tells that one of the aforementioned mystical Herrings was preserved and kept for posterity in specially made reliquary. It was entrusted to a noble family within Tradgardland to be the Heredity Keepers of the Herring. Here is Axel von Tradgardstadtwald the keeper in the late 15th Century-
He is seen carrying the Reliquary under his right arm,his hand upon the hilt of his sword showing his willingness to protect this sacred item even unto death...
But who are these men in the background?
They are the Golden Herring Knights ,the chief order of chivalry in the Duchy. Sworn to protecting the Duchy ,the Duke and the Golden Herring, they are men of honour and great courage. Always fighting on foot as a symbol of their humility ( as well as having sold their horses upon entering the Order to give money for the benevolence of all fishermen) they are always in the forefront of all battles.Even in the late 15th early 16th century they retain the traditional antiquated armour from the Order's arsenal.

Today is my 53rd birthday and I am home after a busy day at work awaiting a splendid meal and presents . A fortunate chap indeed!

Figures are old Citadel medievals painted up for some forthcoming Oldhammer type action.Mores units to show you soon...

Saturday 2 March 2013

To the North....again

Accompanied by his faithful ape Loki ( purchased upon a trading expedition to the East many years ago and vicious in battle)
Ogmund Half-Troll watches as potential bodyguards go through their paces trying to impress. Berserkers and Ulfheonar are not quite Ogmund's horn of ale but one needs protection.The most impressive will be employed and the others sent on their way...

40mm Figures by Saber&Sash,Ape by Tiger and bases by Warbases ( who provide a splendid array of products and service also)