Sunday, 17 March 2013

On the painting table etc

Well it's Sunday afternoon again.Jan &I went to a terrific study day on the documents of Vatican II yesterday given by an inspirational speaker Fr Basil Clark. He combines great scholarship with accessible delivery backed up by many  witty asides.
I got the paints out this morning but soon realised I was too tired to have success and popped them away again.I had hoped to post some shots of my mercenaries but they are not quite ready so here is a stand of medieval civilians nearly finished.
This coming week sees a number of metaphorical high walls to jump over at school and otherwise prior to two weeks Easter hols starting on Friday. I hope then to have some R&R,sleep better,paint and do those things which get put aside mentally and physically so often.
Oh,I nearly forgot -a very happy St Patrick's Day to all who celebrate today!


  1. Interesting figures, who makes them ?

  2. These are not any old figures - they are from the Piers Plowman set that Foundry (?) did about 12 years ago. There's also Piers himself, his plough, oxen, and a tax collector with chest and two heavies. A brilliant set!

    1. Gentlemen
      I do indeed think they are Foundry although I got them second hand. I don't have the oxen,2nd heavy or plough. The chap with the chest can be seen at the forefront of my 9th March posting.The heavy is in the army in the picture too.

  3. Sorry for misleading you ,I must be half asleep.The chap with the chest in fact features in the 6th March post actually!

  4. Nice painted figures and that study day sounded really interesting