Friday 18 January 2019

Trying out The Portable Napoleonic Wargame...

Set up a game which I will play over the next couple of days...


Trying to add photos to a post on the iPad using blogger app. It won’t allow me to add photo,it comes with an error message 400 every time . Any suggestions? Thanks.

Wednesday 16 January 2019

RAFM figures sought

I really enjoyed my first game of "Musket's and tomahawks " on Monday. More of a learning process but great fun anyway. I need some RAFM flint and feather figures to complete a few units. So I looked on the web but no European outlet for RAFMs historical figures now :(.
Does anyone have a few
Compagnie Franche de la Marine or 
French infantry in waistcoats going spare to enable me to complete my units? I am more than happy to pay for them and postage. This option would seem much easier than sending off to Canada for them.

Sunday 13 January 2019

Trying to find an picture.

I have looked in vain in my books and on line for an illustration of the of a  French officer in native dress during the French Indian war. I recall him as wearing a gorget but other wise looking like a native warrior. Can you help me find a picture as reference to convert/paint a figure in similar style. Thanks.

Saturday 12 January 2019

An old friend and technical issues

I have been using this old friend as a painting guide this week-

It has served me well since l bought it in Foyles February 1988. I took this photo of it with my iPad which leads me to my technical issues. I have pc problems and cannot connect my camera or iPhone to it to down load pics. I am therefore blogging using the blogger ap on my iPad and taking photos with the aforementioned iPad. The photo quality is not good. Any suggestions as what to do next, apart from sorting the pc which for complicated reasons is not an option. I look forward to the suggestions of the collective blogging community,thanks.

Monday 7 January 2019

Line and column,what do you think?

I don’t really fancy rebasing Jim’s splendid Napoleonic Swedes. He has made a splendid job of them and l don’t want to mess them up. I am currently gearing up for the arrival of the Napoleonic Portable Wargame rules. Do you think l would get away with the below to show if a unit is in line or column?

Those on the left hex are in line whilst those on the right hex are in column. Will it do, what do you think?

Saturday 5 January 2019

12th Night

The soldiers of Albion have been busy today-

They ( like me) have taken the decorations off the tree and removed the cards etc . I like the medieval conceit of Christmas lasting until the second of February but can never keep it going that long here sadly. I have been under the weather of late with flu/man flu / heavy cold and have done little or no hobby things. Today has seen the start of getting things organised for the girls return to university too.I have enjoyed listening to the bbc radio season on the red planet on the iplayer radio app. Some excellent reviews of Martian fiction as well as walks in Wells footsteps around Woking. Well worth a listen l say. I have also renewed my acquaintance with Barsoom. I really enjoyed the books in my late teens as well as having some of the excellent Hinchcliffe figures then too.  I have downloaded the audio books of the first two books in the series and really enjoyed listening to them. I will listen to more anon. A copy of Bobs Napoleonic Portable Wargame rules was ordered today and some gaming plans thought through.