Tuesday 31 August 2021

Fife Coastal Path.

 As today was Jan’s sixth anniversary,  my eldest daughter and I took the train to North Queensferry and walked to Aberdour, a walk of around ten miles.We then got the train back from there. My other two daughters were working and or away. It was a lovely walk through varied countryside with excellent views across the Forth. A positive way to spend the day. 

Monday 30 August 2021

Saturday’s recruits

 These arrived on Saturday and are on the painting table currently half finished.

Another fortunate eBay purchase which arrived in this packaging. Brings back memories.

Sunday 29 August 2021


 When I was uptown this morning I picked up the wargames magazine with Arthur’s article in it with Congreve rocket rules for use with the Portable Napoleonic Wargame. As you know l am a big fan of the PNW and was keen to add the new rules to my solo games. On my return l looked out the Minifigs rocket set from the “To do” pile. It had been a present from my daughters a while back. I decided to go with the spare crew l had already painted rather than using the ones from the set. I will use the crew for another project. As well as the Minifigs rocket I made a second out of scraps- pins, an old railway ticket, a cocktail stick and glue. You can see both with glue drying in the pictures below. I was rather pleased with my scratch building and look forward to trying them out in a game over the next few days...

Saturday 28 August 2021

25mm Bavarians

 l bought some Napoleonic Bavarians on eBay this week. They are slender figures and quite charming. I painted their bases green, coated them in gloss varnish and based them. That was all. They turned out well. As a result I looked out the Osprey on the Bavarians l bought in 1984. I couldn’t resist posting these lovely illustrations from it. They are by Richard Hook and are some of his best work.

Bush and ambush


Friday 27 August 2021

Graduation at Edinburgh Castle

 Last night met my eldest daughter Zoe had her Masters graduation. Due to Covid etc it was held at Edinburgh Castle. It was a great occasion. Here are some photos-

Miles to go... part the second

 Captain Gruber , his men and the supplies have moved along the road. A welcoming committee awaits them in the forest...


 When uptown l like to check out the charity shops particularly for books. The Salvation Army one often has more unusual items. Recently there were Greek , Latin , Norwegian and Swedish dictionaries and primers. I resisted but was pleased to see they had been sold. A while back l picked up a history of the Royal Company of Archers, which was most interesting. Last week I picked up for two pounds this excellent gardening book. It is fascinating. Here are a few pages-

Thursday 26 August 2021

For l have miles to go before I sleep...

 Captain Gruber and his Croats have been charged with taking supplies to the local town. They are to follow the road which leads through the forest, across the ford and eventually to the safety of the garrison in the sleepy town. There a glass or three of hock and a comfy bed awaits for Captain Gruber. The only problem is that enemy mountain troops are reported to be in the neighbourhood. The good Captain jumps onto a boulder and strains to see anything ahead but to no avail. He sighs and gives the order to set off...

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Looking to buy a few Picts

 Afternoon, l am trying to buy some 25mm Minifigs Picts. I am after the early ones with telegraph pole spears and archers with cloaks over their heads? Can you help?


 Yesterday I was in Glasgow with my eldest to meet family friends up from Yorkshire. My daughter wanted to take a few photos when through and we went to see this building by Charles Rennie Mackintosh , built for a newspaper company. She also pointed out this early example of concrete being used to make a building. This one is evidently a rare survival. Photos here by me btw and coffee/catch up in the Waterstones cafe was most enjoyable.

Monday 23 August 2021

Sunday 22 August 2021

Fifteen mil fantasy figures

 On his blog the Mad Padre was wondering what I was working on so I thought l would post these. They are by Splintered Light and are centaurs and a dryad. I grew up with the Narnia books and the splendid illustrations by Pauline Baynes. https://www.paulinebaynes.com/

This combined with reading Thomas Burnett Swan in my late teens gave me a liking for Greek fantasy types , not to mention growing up with Ray Harryhausen films. I bought these to oppose my 20mm Minoans. I thought as they were billed as 18mm they might be compatible but they are not . Anyway no problem, I shall see where this takes me...

Saturday 21 August 2021

Painting matters

 A few months ago or so I bought some exquisite 28mm 18th Century figures. I bought them on a wave of enthusiasm and l was not disappointed on their arrival. However when I attempted to paint them it was a disaster. Unlike me they are slim and delicate and the paint job was demoralising to say the least. They  were popped away and not forgotten about, instead they reminded me of their presence swelling the lead mountain which was too big already!

In the past I have got help finishing armies for wargames shows and happily buy second hand painted figures, especially old Minifigs. However l have never used a professional painting service. I guess l felt a bit guilty, a bit of a cheat in contemplating such a course of action. Wrong response l know! However the Virtual Wargames Club introduced me to folk who happily get figures painted professionally. So after a long think l came to the stark conclusion that these purchases would lie unused by me to be passed on to a n other upon my demise . So l have taken the plunge , sent them off and look forward to seeing them when finished. This will probably be a one off or a very occasional thing to do but it ensures the figures will march forth one day soon.

This week l have flitted between 15/18 mm centaurs and dryads, 54mm sportsmen, repairing a flat artillery piece with a lolly stick and trying a few civilians. A little pottering, fun and it has moved a few projects forward a tiny bit. We shall see what the day holds on the painting desk...

Friday 20 August 2021

Learning to guide

 I have been in Edinburgh quite a bit recently and enjoying wandering about this great city. The wandering has been fun but the main reason has been to recommence my guiding which began prior to Covid, stopped but has restarted. The place I am guiding at is the former Mansfield Place Church in the centre of Edinburgh. It is now a function/hospitality venue. The building was decorated by Phoebe Traquair and was home to the Catholic Apostolic Church in Edinburgh. The building went to wrack and ruin when they left but has been restored to all its glory . Follow the link for more information-


Here are some photos I took giving a flavour of this incredible building-

Monday 16 August 2021

Second face to face game etc.

 There seems to be a lot to think about currently, too much. Children starting new chapters in their lives for example  I am not sure why I feel a tad overwhelmed by everything. I have been enjoying the Hundred, the Olympics and other wireless / tv dramas, reading a bit and pottering around in the garden and painting desk. Hit the crisps, biscuits and cheese too much this week and am not sleeping too well. Part of it may relate to Jan’s sixth anniversary a fortnight today and these strange times but l’m not sure. Anyway a good thing was l played my second face to face game. We commanded the Swiss against the Burgundians of Charles the Bold but lost .Both armies belong to my regular opponent btw .It was a good, close run thing. I do so like the aesthetics of the late 15th Century and these armies in particular. They have always caught my imagination. Here are a couple of pictures of the game- 

Saturday 14 August 2021

The Portable Wargame in 54mm

 Having enjoyed this post by John-


I set up my own game. Swiss cycle troops supported by a mountain gun take on their Austrian neighbours-

Thursday 12 August 2021

Generic Jacobites

 Been working on some old  28mm figures from the shed and painting them as Jacobite Highlanders from the 1715 or 1719 and Lowlanders too. They are Foundry, Front Rank and other manufacturers I have forgotten. They are in 12 man ( 3 bases , figure numbers not that vital) units to be used for games on the Theatrum Mundi set up. More on the painting table currently. Rules will be homemade or perhaps Ross M’s. 


Sunday 8 August 2021

The Game part one

 Click on the photos to make them bigger and to read the captions.