Monday 31 December 2007

New Year

The New Year has come in the Duchy of Tradgardland. All over the Duchy ,in communities large and small, the Guild of St Barbara are igniting fireworks to herald in the New year- 1758!

Karl Frederick stands with his family upon the Palace balcony and muses upon the year just ended and on the times to come . The cheering crowds throng the streets and many a loud Huzzah can be heard! A Happy New Year to all friends of Tradgardland everywhere - we have enjoyed your company !

Wednesday 26 December 2007


In the Palace the court assemble after dinner to hear the ancient words of the ancient plays that tell the legends of Tradgardland. Handed down in families , from one generation to the next, these plays are performed during the twelve days of Christmas. Characters include a knight portraying the first Duke, a Saracen representing the bodyguard of a long forgotten Duke, a Dragon representing the enemies of the Duchy and a magi who stands for men of learning, wisdom and faith.

The Duke presides over the festivities happy and secure in his role and his Court. He has seen many ,many mummers over the years, and God willing, will see many more. The play has begun...........................

Sunday 23 December 2007

It came upon a Midnight Clear.........

The house spirit has finished his meal and the music drifting down from the Palace Chapel reminds him it is the Birthday of the Christ Child.
In the Chapel the Ducal Household has just finished hearing Midnight Mass. The choir sings at the crib and all is serene under the black cope of the star lit Heavens.
The Duke ponders upon an eventful year,Alisona thinks of what might have been ,Liv remembers she must visit the orphans prior to retiring and Von Bergman silently gives thanks for a safe return. Soon they will eat and drink together, giving and receiving presents , and when dawn unfurls the flag of day, they will hear the Dawn Mass of Christmas Morn , Deo Gratias!
Peace and Goodwill to all friends of Tradgardland everywhere!

House Spirit

The House spirit had lived in the Ducal palace for centuries. He had seen the centuries and the Dukes come and go. He lived contently, unseen, in the kitchen watching the comings and goings , year in year out. He felt a sense of pride watching over the Family and its servants . He took a keen interest in the welfare of all, doing what small things he could to make life better and rejoicing in the good he saw. In recent days he had seen how the Duke and Duchess had opened the Palace to the refugees from Alteberg. He had seen the Duchess going amongst them and offering support and comfort as well as food and shelter. The House Spirit was indeed proud of his Household. Now, he thought, to finish the bowl of warm milk and herring that was left every night for him in a corner of the kitchen. Life was indeed good.

Saturday 22 December 2007


Sent home from work yesterday- rather viral to say the least ! Getting better - will post prior to Christmas!

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Tradgardland Art.........

In spite of the recent disaster to befall Alteberg the Duke of Tradgardland has just opened his collection of Art to the Duchy. Crowds swarmed into the Palace to view a dazzling collection of painting and sculptor. Donations were asked of all visitors and the money will be given to the victims of the recent Imperial Outrage.

Monday 17 December 2007

Paper work in Swartz Wald See

Max is exhausted! The travelling was insufferable enough but things have got worse since his arrival in Schwartz Wald See. The amount of papers and ancient tomes ( explaining the history,customs and traditions of the land) to read and acted upon is immense. Petitions from the high and the low, communications and veiled threats from the Imperium, household accounts and much ,much more!
Max finishes his wine and decides to retire to his quarters i- enough is enough!

Thursday 13 December 2007


Max and Benedict have arrived in Schwatz Wald See. Through the mist the Castle appeared and loomed before them . The coach stopped outside the front door. The Steward ushered them into a large room supplied with Claret and a roaring fire.

Well , we have arrived in your Heimat now brother Benedict- what will this land hold for us?

What indeed Your Grace! Now let us drink to the future and the past and thaw out.

The two figures raise their glasses and look into the flames ,their thoughts private yet converging........... The Future!

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Wintery wanderings

The starry night covered the departure of Max and Brother Benedict as they commenced their journey to Schwartz Wald See. Benedict sits outside with the footmen , ready to offer directions when required.

Max sits huddled in a cloak with a number of loaded pistols secreted amidst its folds. He cannot sleep no matter what he attempts to think of.

Outside the faint cries of wolves ,human or animal, can be heard keeping pace with the coach. Max wonders why he ever left the Vatican.....

Monday 10 December 2007

A family meal............

The Ducal family gather for a rare meal together. Alisona is fully reconciled with her father and all are glad for a brief respite from matters of state. The table is set for a light meal. Karl Frederick, Liv , Max and Alisona enjoy the anticipation of the season - the horror of the sleigh incident however is not far from mind and conversation.

A guest at table, Brother Benedict adds little to the conversation. The incident of the sleigh weighs heavy on his shoulders regardless of the mantle of attainment his studies provided. He fears it is the work of the Brotherhood of the Wolves. He hopes, nay prays , that he is very,very wrong......

Sunday 9 December 2007

The big and small picture..............

The Duke is engaged in using his microscope to view the hidden and arcane world it reveals - in this case the contents of the palace water supply. A knock comes to the door . The Duke looks up and beckons the figure to come in .

A young man with chains on hands and feet shuffles in- he is plainly terrified.

The Duke reminds him that judicial torture has been outlawed in the Duchy so he has nothing to fear. The Duke quietly and calmly awaits an explanation.

The young man breaks down in tears and throws himself at the Duke's feet. He asks for mercy and tells of his home land in Schwartz Wald See. He tells of troubled lands and oppressed peoples. He talks of how he was to kill Max before he even saw his new domain. The Duke looks thoughtful and remains silent for sometime . He calls for the guard and asks that the prisoner be escorted from the Duchy as soon as is possible bearing a note for the ones who sent him

Thursday 6 December 2007

Tradgardland sleigh ride

The Ducal court take the chance to enjoy the newly fallen snow and engage in seasonal hunting of the Tradgardland boar. Karl Frederick,Liv and Alisona take the lead sledge surrounded by hussars in winter uniforms. Lances shine in the brilliant sun . Behind in a sledge of his own is Max. He is accompanied by Brother Benedict who will be his guide to the unknown land of Schwartz Wald See. Max hopes to spend some time with the Ducal family ,combining the visit with a visitation of the Abbeys and Cathedrals of the Duchy.
All is well, no boar have been sighted but the mulled ale and dried herring have proved popular. Suddenly a shot is heard . The driver of Max's sledge slumps over . A figure is seen fleeing on skies. The hussars pursue but he escapes amongst the trees. Max is shaken but safe!

Monday 3 December 2007


In the Ducal Palace the woodworkers are bring the royal Sleighs out of storage for the snow that is expected soon. After nearly a year in the palace vaults they will need re -painting , not to mention the waxing of the runners with boar grease. There is much to be done and the new harnesses will need adjusting prior to the first sleigh ride of Winter.

The Ducal court is famous for reckless midnight races where courtiers throw their sleighs around a forest course by lamplight . It is not unknown for heads or worse to be broken...

Sunday 2 December 2007

Advent Arrives..........

Across the Duchy the season of Advent has begun. The Duke heard High Mass in the Cathedral today and the seasonal prayer " Dominus dabit benignitatem : et terra nostra dabit fructum suum." - The Lord will grant us his blessing to make our land yield its harvest! The words striking a chord in his and other minds of the seasonal markets which begin after Mass ends . The Duke and other members of the Household were unaware of the young woman in black huddled at the back of the Cathedral. Her needy eyes following him as he departed to open the Yul Market. For , unknown to anyone present , the figure is Alisona - his estranged daughter.
The market has been open for some hours now - visitors are greeted by many sights and sounds - the hurdy gurdy man singing songs of love, the smell of roasting chestnuts and the brightly painted carved wooden Herring so beloved of the children. The Duke and Duchess are full of roast boar and Yul ale and are in fine spirits. As the Duke walks around a corner in the market a figure throws herself at his feet. For a second he is stunned then he meets her eyes and whispers Alisona!
He raises her to her feet ,embraces her, leads her to the Duchess who collapses in tears of joy. The Prodigal has returned , is accepted and the fatted calf is ready . Reconciliation comes to the House of Tradgardland.

Thursday 29 November 2007

A surprise package..

The Duke is sitting at breakfast- the carp was excellent and just cooked to perfection, when a knock comes to the door.He asks the footman to enter. He comes in carrying a sealed document case bearing the seal of Von Bergmann.
The Duke opens it and sees within some illustrations pertaining to the army of Danmark Norroway. Also a letter as follows
To Duke Karl Frederick Greetings from Von Bergman in Norroway!
I send the greetings of the Norroway Governor and also these portrayals of his forces. He assures you that if you see such uniformed men on the field of Mars they shall be with and for Tradgardland rather than in opposition.
Von Bergman

The Dukes ponders all he has seen and read . Von Bergmann may have done the Duchy a great service he muses.....

Wednesday 28 November 2007

Tony Bath

Today I have been working out the character of my Army Commanders using the chart on page 41 of "Setting up a Wargames Campaign " by Tony Bath. It was first published in 1973 and still is very useful indeed. Whats more it is great fun! I look forward to introducing them to you soon..

Tuesday 27 November 2007


Today throughout the Duchy the carp herders are preparing for the annual visit of the Ducal Fish Pond Inspectorate. As carp form a large part of the stable diet it is important that the hereditary ponds belonging to each community are maintained to a high standard. The carp warden is a position handed down from father to son or daughter. They maintain the food supply on behalf of the community and are paid by community member's working their land in return. So today the Carp Warden uniforms are brushed off and donned once more, the silver badge of office burnished and they are ready!

Monday 26 November 2007

Birch Wine

The Duke and Duchess have beeen invited to sample the Annual Birch Wine which is now ready . The wine is made from Birch Sap - collected when it is rising.

They make their way through the cellars that lie within hailing distance of the Sea in Althavn. It has become custom for the Ducal Family to sample the wine prior to the sale of it at the Advent Markets soon to take place. The wine is poured into the ceremonial silver flagon and poured into the wine glasses of the Duke and Duchess. With due care and attention to the solemnity of the day they drink and drink once more. With the ceremonial words -The Birch is well and well for all ! pronounced the Duke will sit and take his ease again. This afternoon he is to visit the rehearsals of the Mystery Play depicting the legend of the golden herring.

Narrator : if anyone reading would like to try Birch wine may I humbly suggest they seek out Silver Birch Wine by Moniack Castle Winery , Inverness , Scotland. It is well worth the search and effort...

Sunday 25 November 2007

Weekend in Tradgardland and reality..

It has been a pleasant Weekend . I have read about Stollen on the Duchy Blog , helped the family make some Christmas decorations and watched some of Barry Lyndon amongst other things.
I also finished off some of the Legione Tradgardland. They are jaeger. Notice the unique grey uniform which is worn by the regimental marksman - winner of the annual shooting contest. It is most highly competed for and sought after. I fear the photos are not the best I have taken but at least give a flavour of things painted. Next I will tackle some fusiliers and commanding officer. Back to work tomorrow and seven days to the start of Advent - I can hardly wait....
On Thursday I had a game of DBM - first for ages. My English of Henry v111 were soundly beaten by my regular opponents Swiss. He did not lose a single element whilst I lost too many to mention. Next time I think we shall go for my Early Imperial Romans against his Germans /renegade Romans under Civilis. Now I wonder what the Duchy of Tradgardland was doing in the centuries prior to the !8th Century.....

Tuesday 20 November 2007

Time goes by so slowly....

Alisona finds herself upon a ship. The events of the last few days have left her dazed and confused. She suddenly realises that she is now on a passage for Europa. Flashbacks of her time in Ny Tradgardland flicker through her mind - hearth,home and husband. She sobs only to be comforted by fellow passengers who share her poverty and her journey.

Monday 19 November 2007

Danes 1762

The following came from T Snorason of Chakoten . I reprint it here with my gratitude:
Ordre de Bataille of the Danish Army June-July 1762.(Source O. Vaupel: "Den danske hærs historie", bd II, p.97-98.Copenhagen 1876.)Commanding general: count Louis Saint GermainGeneral Quartermaster: F.E. GählerGeneral Quartermaster Leutenant: J. LehmannGeneral Adjudants: A. Hauch,K. Görtz,K. LohenskjoldF. NumsenCommander of Artillery: V. HuthHead of Fortifications: J. de Feignet1st Division: prince Emil of Augustenborg(8 battalions, 13 guns and 4 squadrons)1st Brigade: Count F.L. Daneskjold-Laurvig:The Foot Guard (only 1 batallion) U.A. HolsteinThe Grenadier Corps J. ScholtenLivregimentet J. Wildenrath5 pieces of 36 pds haubitzers2 pieces of 4 pds2nd Brigade: Count Ysenburg Budingen:Bornholmske Infanteri Regiment E. BlücherSlesvigske Infanteri Regiment V. Lühe6 pieces of 12 pds3.rd Jydske (Jutland) Rytterregiment C. Lüttichau2nd Division: prince Karl Ferdinand von Bevern(8 battalions, 12 guns and 4 squadrons)3rd Brigade: R. Keith:Dronningens (the Queens) Liferegiment K. GehlerSjællandske (Seeland) Infanteri RegimentH. von der Maase6 pieces of 6pds4th Brigade: O. OstenOldenburgske Infanteri Regiment K. SamesFalsterske Infanteri Regiment Prince Karl of Hesse6 pieces of 6 pdsSlesvigske Rytterregiment P Rosenørn, later F. Sehested3rd Division: count Waldemar Schmettow(8 battalions, 12 guns, 4 squadrons and 2 Free Corps)5th Brigade: F. Wedell-JarlsbergSøndenfjeldske Infanteri Regiment (N) K. HvitfeldtAkerhusske Infanteri Regiment (N) J. Koss6 pieces of 6 pds6th Brigade: K. SchnellNordenfjeldske Infanteri Regiment (N) H. TønsbergOplandske Infanteri Regiment (N) K. Giese6 pieces of 6pdsHussar Regiment Kaspar Moltke2 Free corps: formed by and under the names of Favin and Lallieux(names of the commanders)4th Division: prince Albrekt of Anhalt Bernburg(8 battalions, 12 guns 4 squadrons)7th Brigade: B. BülowKronprinsens (Crownprince) Infanteri RegimentF. JohansenHolstenske Infanteri Regiment O. RantzauPrins Frederiks Infanteri Regiment H. Arenfeldt6 pieces of 6 pds8th Brigade: H. WindtzJydske Infanteri Regiment J. DehnMønske Infanteri Regiment M. Gerdorff6 pieces of 6 pds2nd Jydske Rytterregiment K. Dreschel1st Cavalry Division: Karl Riepur(16 squadrons)1st Brigade: F. PlessenLivregiment Dragoner (Lifedragoons) (Moltke?)Livregiment Kyrasserer K. Holstein2nd Brigade: J. BrockdorffHolstenske Rytterregiment K. MoltkeOldenborgske Rytterregiment L. Lersner2nd Cavalry Division: count Konrad Ahlefeld(16 squadrons)3rd Brigade: N.G. Schinkel1st Jyske Rytterregiment K. Weitersheim2nd Fynske Rytterregiment K. Schöller4th Brigade: K. HolckSjællandske Rytterregiment U. Woperschnow1st Fynske Rytterregiment K. F. HolsteinReserve: count F. Ahlefeldt(14 battalions and 8 squadrons)1st Brigade: R. Rømeling1st Norwegian Field Regiment H. Gude2nd Norweigian Field regiment D. Eimhaus2nd Brigade: V. MüllerGrenadierbattalion PerglasGrenadierbattalion WittenGrenadierbattalion KreberGrenadierbattalion Bessel3rd Brigade: K.F. IngenhaeffTrondhjemske Infanteri Regiment (N) G. KroghGrenadierbattalion HaxthausenGrenadierbattalion DietrichsonGrenadierbattalion BayerGrenadierbattalion KossCavalrybrigade: K. Wilster1st Norweigian Dragoon Corps O. Brockenhuus2nd Norweigian Dragoon Corps F. SehestedtArtillery: 48 piecesTotal: 46 battalions, 56 squadrons, 100 guns and 3 Free Corps. (Thecurious third Free Corps possibly could be the Hussar Regiment, as itwas an ad hoc unit. Disbanded some years after the war. Raised tocounter the Russian light cavalry of cossacks and the like ilk.)According to list of 12th July the infantry was 685 officers, 21.700ncos and men. 149 officers were away and 2.340 men sick.The cavalry 272 officers and 7.313 ncos and men. 72 officers away and311 sick cavalrymen. Artillery 19 officers, 53 ncos, 195 sergeantgunners (overkonstabler) 15 tambours and 368 gunners (underkonstabler).Total 30.580 men plus the 2 Free Corps of Favin and Lallieux.
Apologies for formatting -due to Blog not T Snorason

Sunday 18 November 2007

Rest Eternal..............

The idyll is over and Alisona remains numb with the events of recent days. Of one thing she is certain -after the funeral she will take a passage for Tradgardland. At her feet a well thumbed Missal lies open at the story of the Prodigal Son....

Narrator : in the event of Alisona returning permanently to her Father in Tradgardland this Blog will continue to visit Ny Tradgardland for the entertainment and edification of all readers everywhere!

Out of character

Home early from work on Friday and digging deep under the stairs to just see what figs are there. I have decided to collect Austrians and beef up those I already have. Theses will form the major opposition to the Prussians a friend is planning. However I will continue to do justice to the Tradgardlanders.

I have been looking for another idea to paint/research and I have decided upon the Danish Norwegian army of 1762. I started upon the Danish life guard of foote yesterday- Prussian style uniforms with red coats. The picture is one I found on the Web of danish uniforms of the period- enjoy!

Friday 16 November 2007

Ny tradgardland - on patrol

A Militia officer ( Alisona's husband) is out on patrol with the militia and their scouts. They have observed the movement of Brittanian troops.They are moving in great numbers.

Suddenly a shot rings out and the Brittanian Scouts are upon the Tradgardlanders. A confused melee ensues and the Tradgardlanders are killed ,wounded or fled into the forest.

The Tradgardland officer lies dying upon the ground -the image of his beloved filling his mind until the blackness and the coming tunnel of light..................

Wednesday 14 November 2007

The newly reformed army............

Army of the Duchy of Tradgardland Nov 1757 AD
Cin C Duke Karl Frederick

1st Brigade - Von Hertzog
1st and 2nd Batts Tradgargland Infantry

2nd Brigade – Baron D’Orval
3rd and 4th Batts Tradgardland Infantry

3rd Brigade – Von Genson
5th Batt Tradgardland Infantry and Marine Batt

Cavalry Brigade – Von Rasmussen
Heavy Cavalry – 2 Sqdrns
Dragoons – 2 Sqdrns

Huzzar Sqdrns - Von Esterhazy

Legione Tradgard – Duc de Padirac
Comprising mtd jaeger,foot jaeger and fusileers

Corps of Arillerie, and Pyrotechnia
-Major McKay

Army reform - Tradgardland style.

There have been comings and goings all day in the Ducal Palace. Men ,puffed -up with their own self importance have waited hours for a few minutes of the Duke's time. The corridor is full of the hopeful,the disappointed and the resigned. One by one they are called into the presence of Karl Frederick,one by one they leave disguising their feelings with bluff greetings. For this is the day when the officers ( and would- be officers ) find out if they have a place in the reformed army.

The Duke has thought long and hard,realised he will have made enemies but has carried on for the good of Tradgardland. Tomorrow he will address the army and those who command it . Tonight he will dine quietly,exhausted by the day's proceedings, retiring early with his beloved Duchess to their inner sanctum.

Monday 12 November 2007

Its four in the morning..

From his sickbed Karl Frederick turns his mind to the matters of urgency before him. The Ducal papers are scattered upon the bed. His first task ( long awaiting his attention) is to reorganise the Ducal Army. He has long mulled the matter over in his mind and now is prepared to put his ideas upon parchment - to incarnate his vision and the fruit of his study. He calls for his secretary who returns with ink ,quill and candle . Soon he is scribbling furiously..

Sunday 11 November 2007

The Tradgarland Broadsheet

Yesterday ,whilst leading his jousting team, Karl Frederick fell from his horse. His personal physician was called and the Duke was carried to the Palace. His health is improving but he has been advised not to ride again for the foreseeable future. The current Duke's Father's sedan chair has been dusted off and pressed into service. It is hoped that a fashion will not be manufactured by this event.

Friday 9 November 2007

A letter to King Frederick V of Denmark and Norway

Dear Brother
I greet you as fellow ruler and head of state under God. I trust this letter finds you of good council and comfort. I am sending this letter to you informing you of the current expedition to the Shetland Isles. I write asking you for supplies of food and gunpowder for our troops in the Northern clime. A good price ,and mutual aid will follow from this if you so desire.
I await your reply
your fraternally
Karl Frederick

Thursday 8 November 2007

Nightime over the Duchy

From their Palace balcony the Duke and Duchess watch the annual fireworks display put on by the Artillery Guild of St Barbara. As ever an infinite number of patterns and colours have graced the black night sky. The Duke muses upon the events that have illuminated his life so far - marriage, taking up the burden of the Duchy,the birth of his children and the death of one. Life's pleasures and satisfactions light up the sky for an instance and then are gone . Duty to God and Duchy remain constant and comforting ,in a strange way,too.

The Duchess ponders those officers and wives known to her ,some who are upon the sea this night rather than being illuminated by the products of alchemical expertise. She draws closer to her husband as the night turns chilly with the erupting of the stars.

Wednesday 31 October 2007

Home and Away..

Life proceeds well for Alisona and her new husband in Ny Tradgardland. Both are happy and still living incognito . They have found accommodation and military service has proved agreeable and uneventful so far.Winter is fast coming and life is settling down to a quiet and peaceful pattern.

The Duke cannot sleep this night- nor many others it would appear. His mind fills with images of naval disasters, lost daughters and false friends. Little other than his faith seems solid to him . He is relieved to see the first hint of Dawn breaking over the east tower of the palace...

Tuesday 30 October 2007

The fleet sets sail

As the fleet sails further out to sea Admiral Hans Alexandersson ( lucky Hans to his crew ) watches the beacon of Althavn recede more and more into the distance. He is aware of his duty and realises the awesome nature of the task ahead. In his cabin aboard the flagship charts are assembled and viewed with a professional eye. Speed and surprise are of the essence .Time ,however, will tell....

Monday 29 October 2007


The Midsommer regt of jaeger are painted and awaiting basing. I shall not disappoint by describing them but will let the photos speak for themselves soon. They comprise foot and dismounted mounted jaegers.Watch this space...

Friday 26 October 2007

A proclamation

The Herald gets his breath back and proclaims as follows:
Let it be known that his Grace the Duke will present a new uniform to the Midsommer Regiment this Saturday to celebrate their prowess at the recent manoeuvre's.
The regiment will parade in the square and will be then marched to the heath where they will give a display of movement and firing . All citizens are invited to attend! God and Our Lady save the Duke!

Sunday 21 October 2007


Whilst ploughing Erik discovered a hole in the ground. Stopping his work he scrapped away at the foot of the mound and saw a hollowed out tree trunk. Within lay the remains of a figure clothed in brown cloth with an odd sword at his side. Erik was terrified ,had he found a fairy tomb?. Erik recalled that the local Herrengard always paid gold for such information. He vowed at the end of the day to go there directly. Soon the gentlemen of the Ducal Society would be upon his farm - Erik was proud and restarted ploughing with an uplifted heart.

Saturday 20 October 2007


Across the Duchy the people are ploughing the land. Following the horses they prepare the soil for the next part of the cycle of the Seasons. Amidst the changes and chances of Tradgardland life food must be prepared for , fields prepared and crops sown. Soon all will be drawing inwards for the quiet months of Winter - time to reflect ,prepare and plan for the coming year.

Friday 19 October 2007

Post Maneuvers..

The Autumn Maneuvers over for another year provides the Duke with much to ponder. He is due to meet the Inner Council to discuss promotions within the Army. He will also hear the state of readiness of the Navy and hear from the Ducal Gunpowder Mills as to their state of production.

Tradgardland being a sociable and enlightened Duchy manages to combine the above with a visit to the Alefest where a room has been set aside for the forthcoming deliberations.

The Duke takes a carriage to the meeting , sharing it with his wife who will attend to give council over matters of uniform design and sundry artistic matters.

Wednesday 17 October 2007


At the end of the recent manoeuvres in Tradgardland the regimental flags were trooped before the assembled formed bodies of troops.

This year the Duke declared himself delighted with the standard of drill and mock combat. He declared that the forces of the Duchy were the envy of Europa and that all involved should hold their heads high.

Tuesday 16 October 2007

BAR in the UK

The same unit from a different angle.

I have been organising my Austrians today . Here they are depicted as organised in 4 ranks.

Sunday 14 October 2007

BAR in the UK etc

I trust all of those having a big game in America had a great time - it would have been good to have been there but not practical. However I have really enjoyed all the recent chat about a big game in the UK. I have been checking my forces today - seeing what I have half finished in the garage and what I will need to order to supplement my current figures.
It would be excellent if the game goes ahead and I think it will do so. I am pleased with the interest shown and with the evident enthusiasm . I had better get the paints out..

Sunday 7 October 2007

Ny Tradgardland

A wedding has taken place today in Ny Tradgardland. A newly arrived couple will begin a new life together in the New world. To the witnesses and the curious gathered there , they seem like any young couple in love.
Yet they have a secret for one of them is the daughter of the Duke of Tradgardland himself. The young militia captain and his new wife hope for many happy years of peace ahead in the new World.

Thursday 4 October 2007


Seated at his writing slope Von Bergman writes as follows:

To Duke Karl Frederick

Greetings from your humble servant at Versailles. The negotiations are going well and we are in a favourable position I venture. I have kept your wishes close to my heart and lips in recent days. Soon I am to meet the King and I will be able to return home -my work completed. I will write again very soon with greater details.

your humble servant

Von Bergman

Monday 1 October 2007

Ale Fest

It is now October. The Brewers Guild get ready for the annual Ale Fest. Apart from large concerns like the Karlsberg Brewery each community is engaged in producing their own ale . The competition is great, the awards immense....

Thursday 27 September 2007

Full Moon

It is full moon once more in Tradgardland - the time of changing over. Songs,stories gossip and news are exchanged upon the roads large and small.

People consult the moon Dials carved above doors and built into village squres. They wish to know when loved ones will be around the fireside once more.

The weather is taking a colder turn and people say it will be a cruel winter. The logs are piled higher than ever to dry. It is time to prepare ...

Monday 24 September 2007


It is the Autumn equinox and the Duchy is blasted by severe winds. The bean towers sway with concerning vigour, the tiles rattle and good folk huddle round the fire. In the Palace the Duke and Duchess are absorbed in their own thoughts oblivious to the storm raging. The Duke reads a paper submitted on mounted tactics with evident boredom while his wife concerns herself with the hiring and firing of the Kitchen staff who are rumoured to have sympathies with the enemies of Tradgardland. Storms within and without rock the Duchy yet it continues. Hopes are high for an Alliance with Gallia but only time will tell.

Thursday 20 September 2007

Ny Tradgardland

The meagre harvest has been gathered in around Ny Tradgarland but the inhabitants are grateful. Soon a vessel will arrive with supplies,news and people.

The days of waiting can be hard but people fill them as best they can and there is much to do...

Wednesday 19 September 2007


In fields and courtyards the practice has begun.The people of the Duchy prepare for another season of jousting. Talk is of horses and the best wood for lances, of last season's victories and hopes for the coming year. Teams train, drink,squabble and pray together. The honour of a hundred guild,herrengard or fraternal group is at stake.

The rules are simple :

Teams of five riders plus two spare horses. The teams take it in turns to gallop at a suspended ring. If it is caught fair and square they gain a point. Each rider rides twice. At the end scores are compared and a winner declared. In the event of a tie it is "sudden death " until a mistake is made and a ring missed or dropped.

And so in the season of mellow fruitfulness and harvest the Duchy can again turn its thought and energies to this sport of Dukes ,Kings and everyman.

Monday 17 September 2007

A Ducal Day

In the quiet ecclesiastical setting pictured left Duchess Liv again lights candles for the safe return and happiness of her daughter Alisona.
She has been made aware, by sources wise and reliable, that her daughter boarded a vessel in the company of another. Destination is unknown.
As the bell tinkles softly for the start of Mass , Liv joins her husband in the Ducal Chapel. His thoughts, unbeknown to her, are with Alisona too.
After Mass the Ducal couple leave to a flurry of petitions. The Duke touches an invalid whose family still believe in the healing power of a true born Duke. Time will tell if health returns.
Afternoon sees the couple strolling in the garden admiring the Barlotti beans as they ripen to mottled red and white.
The couple are sought by the Ducal Jagare meister ( a hereditary office passed from father to son since the 15th century) about the forthcoming Autumn Boar hunt where the young sons of the Herrengard will be put through their paces. The Duke confirms his desire to attend and the Duchess assures that she and the ladies of the court shall await the return at the end of events. She will present the hat feathers to the most accomplished hunter that day.

Friday 14 September 2007

Thank You

Across the Duchy the celebrations end with firework displays. From the simple village affairs to the grand Ducal pyrotechnic extravaganza ,all are enjoyed and offered as simple celebration and thanksgiving to God and man for the safe home of next year's food.

Thursday 13 September 2007

Harvest Home....

The Duke and Duchy extend best wishes to all her fellow Europeans at this season of Harvest Home and Holy Cross Day. May we all continue to harvest the joys of good fellowship and company in the 18th century together! Thanks to all for their creativity and continuing efforts.

Monday 10 September 2007

At Sea...

Alisona and her beau have not been stricken too badly by sea sickness. The journey is appearing to take ages- Ny Tradgardland is far from Europa. The couple make plans for a new life -if their identity can remain unknown. There ,however, is plenty time to dream ,plan and scheme.

Sunday 9 September 2007

Of Pedometers and Ale...

In his study the Duke analyses the results of the Manoeuvres. The pedometer was successfully adapted to work upon a horse. He is pleased with the distance travelled and is ready to give his accent to the new unit being raised. They will be a mounted jaeger unit . He signs the papers and settles down for a flagon of Karlberg Ale heated with a poker from the fire .

Saturday 8 September 2007

Manouvers in the forest....

In the forests of the Duchy a mixed force of jaegers, local farmers and woodsmen ( who have sailed over from Ny Tradgardland to share their skills and expertise) are on maneuvers. They are attempting to apply the lessons of the New World to the Old. They work alongside the militia specialising in light infantry tactics and kliene kreig. It is hoped that they will patrol the Duchy frontiers in times of crisis and war. At the end of the manoeuvres a report will be written and sent to the Inner Council for consideration as to future use and deployment.