Sunday 23 December 2007

House Spirit

The House spirit had lived in the Ducal palace for centuries. He had seen the centuries and the Dukes come and go. He lived contently, unseen, in the kitchen watching the comings and goings , year in year out. He felt a sense of pride watching over the Family and its servants . He took a keen interest in the welfare of all, doing what small things he could to make life better and rejoicing in the good he saw. In recent days he had seen how the Duke and Duchess had opened the Palace to the refugees from Alteberg. He had seen the Duchess going amongst them and offering support and comfort as well as food and shelter. The House Spirit was indeed proud of his Household. Now, he thought, to finish the bowl of warm milk and herring that was left every night for him in a corner of the kitchen. Life was indeed good.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, yes! I've always loved the stories (so common in the North) of beings and spirits from "under the hill".

    Bravo for bringing this out. I like a touch of Faerie in my stories, so I'm glad that you've written this post.

    Jolly Yule to you.

    -- Jeff