Sunday 30 September 2012

Quo Vadis?

I have been pondering much about Tradgardland of late.I have not felt the same about it since the "killing off "  of Karl Frederick in battle coincided with my mother's death in real life. I have not taken to the new Duke and ,at times, my heart is just not in the Duchy anymore. I love imaginations,enjoy reading about those of my 18th century peers and remain intensely interested in the 18th century.However all is not the same...
And so I cast myself upon you all out in the ether who have followed my journey through the highs and lows of Tradgardland.I am looking for suggestions of how to proceed in the world of imaginations.I have thought and thought to no avail.All ideas thankfully received.

Saturday 29 September 2012

Another week of work over.Of late I have been planning to use the Military Modelling rules kindly scanned for me by a fellow OSW  chap.I had wondered about buying the figures depicted in the magazine article but in the end opted for some I had already to save some money from the Ducal warchest.
Saturday at last.I got up at 7.30 and spent a little time on moving a project forward- Medieval Skirmish rules by Charles Grant. I looked out some of my earlyish Medieval figures and proceeded to base them on cereal packet card painted a simple green.It was fun to base this way as so much of my basing of late has been pre-cut mdf or slotta plastic bases.The joy of ruler,scissors and glue took me back to my wargaming of years ago.

The result of a little effort and much thinking on trains,platforms and whist doing diverse tasks has been the creation of two medieval skirmish forces/feudal bands complete with their Lords and accompanying banners. The rules are fun,straight forward and should give a good game. More on these medieval inhabitants of the Duchy of Tradgardland very soon along with some pictures of the troops making up the feudal bands themselves

Tuesday 25 September 2012

A tower struck down...

Autumn Equinox weather has hit these parts over the last few days.The wind has blown fiercely and the rain lashed us here in the Duchy of Tradgardland.As a result the Bean towers are no more-
They,like the courgettes,were late starters but have given us great produce until now.Come the calm we will attempt to repair the damage
I have been labouring for weeks now with a cough/cold/virus/flu/thingyjigg which just will not go away.It has got worse of late and it has sapped my energy completely these past days.Little energy except to go to work and mope around afterwards at home. Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" and the cricket on the radio have cheered things along with a little light painting of renaissance fantasy goblins and dwarves for Songs of Blades and Heroes. The newly released second trailer for "The hobbit" shows great promise and I can hardly wait for December.
Anyway that's all I have energy for tonight- enjoy your evening one and all. Still awaiting my catalogue from the Alpine Nursery-can't wait.

Monday 17 September 2012

Tradgardlanders afar...

On Saturday we went for a day trip to London by plane.The girls had not flown before and, as they would be doing so soon with school/college trips, we thought we ought to let them have a go at it first.We got the 7.35am flight from Edinburgh to Gatwick and the train to London.First stop was Westminster Cathedral-my favourite church anywhere.
The mosaics (recent and not so recent) are astounding and the magnificant choir was singing as we arrived.A great start to the trip.The girls enjoyed seeing the iconic sights of London as they had not been before.Soon we arrived in Whitehall.We arrived in time to see the troopers riding and dismounting- a stirring sight.
Horses appeared through the arch and we were bidden to make way for the Queen's Guard.Tourist ranks split and we had a brief glimpse of ceremonial duties...
Having enjoyed Buckingham Palace and the surroundings we were very taken with this recent and moving memorial to the men of Bomber Command-
After lunch in Hyde Park we walked to Brompton where Jan,Zoe&Anna went to the Ballgown exhibition at the V&A whilst I took Freya to the Natural History Museum.Both groups had a splendid time prior to meeting up in the V&A once more. Tired and in need of refreshment we found this oasis in the midst of the V&A which was just glorious to sit in.
The museum was packed with inspiration for Zoe's costume design course as well as myriad fascinating objects such as this detailing from a waistcoat and Adam Ant's iconic costume.

When the V&A closed we walked happily back to Victoria station via Belgravia and hence to Gatwick.With a slightly delayed flight we arrived home in Tradgardland around 11.30 pm .It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all and one we will all remember.

Friday 14 September 2012

The Portable Wargame etc etc

Friday at last! Been a busy week here in Tradgardland. My middle daughter,Anna, is 17 today and we are hoping to have an excellent family meal today prior to an exciting day tomorrow.More about this later...
As I got home early I finally rigged up a "portable wargame"set up as follows:
I got a spare kitchen tile and drew a 64 square grid on it in pencil. Scenery and troops will be mentioned with the next pictures below.The battle is between Spanish and Cuban forces in 1895.
The river is from a set of DBA scenery I got years ago,the buildings are ones bought by my wife years ago in Cyprus and the figures  are 15mm Frei Corps painted years ago for an Edinburgh University Wargames club game of El Caney at Claymore.
This photo and the previous one shows the Cuban forces.The trees I seem to have had for ages but I just can't remember from whence they came.Blue Tac comes in handy to hold them down.
Here are the Spanish forces with cavalry and gun. Loads of fun for little outlay and quite a reasonable looking set up even if I say it myself.Being the Monday Edinburgh September holiday I have a long weekend and am looking forward to trying the game ,painting and generally relaxing.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Wargstadt Town Guard- on the workbench...

I've been caught up greatly of late with work and home. Little time or energy to devote to the hobby apart from thinking and planning.However ,after a very quiet day yesterday listening to the cricket on Radio 4, I felt like doing some painting at the garden bench today.A mild September day facilitated things well and progress was made-
Here are the Wargstadt Town Guard around 1520. They are accompanied by the town geese which are relied upon to cackle when intruders come near the city. I have about another five on the go at present. I hope to use them with Coreheim,Mordheim or perhaps Songs of Blades and Heroes.
Last week I sent off to Germany for some of the splendid Brugelburgh figures by Ratnik Miniatures..Although they are  a tad large ( but beautifully cast and designed) compared to my Wargames Foundry ones I hope they will blend in together without too much trouble.

Saturday 1 September 2012

Goodbye to all that...

Thursday's Urology check-up leaves me with a dilemma- what hot drinks to consume as the weather turns colder towards winter? Like Jack Aubrey I have loved my coffee and enjoyed the energising nature of many strong cups of the black gold.
Alas it is to be no more.I am to cut out coffee and tea (and fizzy drinks which I rarely consume) due to the caffeine being not good for me.So ideas please gentlemen...

On a  more jolly  front I am under the spell of the BBC's Parade's End .Wonderful costumes and settings and a compelling story- don't miss it!