Saturday, 29 September 2012

Another week of work over.Of late I have been planning to use the Military Modelling rules kindly scanned for me by a fellow OSW  chap.I had wondered about buying the figures depicted in the magazine article but in the end opted for some I had already to save some money from the Ducal warchest.
Saturday at last.I got up at 7.30 and spent a little time on moving a project forward- Medieval Skirmish rules by Charles Grant. I looked out some of my earlyish Medieval figures and proceeded to base them on cereal packet card painted a simple green.It was fun to base this way as so much of my basing of late has been pre-cut mdf or slotta plastic bases.The joy of ruler,scissors and glue took me back to my wargaming of years ago.

The result of a little effort and much thinking on trains,platforms and whist doing diverse tasks has been the creation of two medieval skirmish forces/feudal bands complete with their Lords and accompanying banners. The rules are fun,straight forward and should give a good game. More on these medieval inhabitants of the Duchy of Tradgardland very soon along with some pictures of the troops making up the feudal bands themselves