Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wargstadt Town Guard- on the workbench...

I've been caught up greatly of late with work and home. Little time or energy to devote to the hobby apart from thinking and planning.However ,after a very quiet day yesterday listening to the cricket on Radio 4, I felt like doing some painting at the garden bench today.A mild September day facilitated things well and progress was made-
Here are the Wargstadt Town Guard around 1520. They are accompanied by the town geese which are relied upon to cackle when intruders come near the city. I have about another five on the go at present. I hope to use them with Coreheim,Mordheim or perhaps Songs of Blades and Heroes.
Last week I sent off to Germany for some of the splendid Brugelburgh figures by Ratnik Miniatures..Although they are  a tad large ( but beautifully cast and designed) compared to my Wargames Foundry ones I hope they will blend in together without too much trouble.


  1. Interesting. I like the colorful background info. The geese are a nice touch.

  2. Love the goose, Irregular? I have never been brave enough to attempt painting Landsknechts... to much slashing.

  3. Goose is indeed Irregular- cut from a base with a couple of hens. Landsknechts are quite a paint- this is my first go at it...

  4. Will this see a return to the Gothic age?
    By the way somebody was selling the Ratnik figs at Claymore. Lovely castings but quite pricey.