Monday 26 June 2017

The Defenestrated Kolbold

Mr Noyes had travelled long and far for his meeting. The coach to Tradgardstadt had been filled with an odour he  prefered not to try and ascertain. A mix of fell beast and papist smoke perchance?
The rather odd leather case in his hand felt heavy with parchment,ink,sand and quills not to mention the outsized egg. At last he turned the corner into a narrow passage even grimmer than the previous one. The sign above the door said "The Defenestrated Kobold"accompanied with a rather dreary painting of such an event. He turned the handle ,breathed in the coffee smell and looked around for his contact...

Monday 19 June 2017


Two new graduates in the family-
and their undergraduate sister on the right...
My daughters were most generous for Father's Day-
Including this utterly  splendid book-
which was new to me completely.

Monday 12 June 2017

Northish Westish 1885ish

Last summer my eldest and I painted some 54mm old Britains figures. She added detail and faces on them for me. Of late I have fancied giving them an opponent in the form of Metis and Indians- a vague 1885 North West Rebellion vibe if you like. With this in mind I have undercoated some Armies in Plastic Boers as a first step.Can anyone suggestion plastic Indian figures to use alongside them?

Thursday 8 June 2017

If H G Wells had known breakfast biscuits, or a work in progress...

Currently working on these buildings here pictured with some 40mm Bavarians. Idea came to me whilst recycling and I hastily saved the packaging!  I will work more on them at the weekend.