Wednesday 31 October 2007

Home and Away..

Life proceeds well for Alisona and her new husband in Ny Tradgardland. Both are happy and still living incognito . They have found accommodation and military service has proved agreeable and uneventful so far.Winter is fast coming and life is settling down to a quiet and peaceful pattern.

The Duke cannot sleep this night- nor many others it would appear. His mind fills with images of naval disasters, lost daughters and false friends. Little other than his faith seems solid to him . He is relieved to see the first hint of Dawn breaking over the east tower of the palace...

Tuesday 30 October 2007

The fleet sets sail

As the fleet sails further out to sea Admiral Hans Alexandersson ( lucky Hans to his crew ) watches the beacon of Althavn recede more and more into the distance. He is aware of his duty and realises the awesome nature of the task ahead. In his cabin aboard the flagship charts are assembled and viewed with a professional eye. Speed and surprise are of the essence .Time ,however, will tell....

Monday 29 October 2007


The Midsommer regt of jaeger are painted and awaiting basing. I shall not disappoint by describing them but will let the photos speak for themselves soon. They comprise foot and dismounted mounted jaegers.Watch this space...

Friday 26 October 2007

A proclamation

The Herald gets his breath back and proclaims as follows:
Let it be known that his Grace the Duke will present a new uniform to the Midsommer Regiment this Saturday to celebrate their prowess at the recent manoeuvre's.
The regiment will parade in the square and will be then marched to the heath where they will give a display of movement and firing . All citizens are invited to attend! God and Our Lady save the Duke!

Sunday 21 October 2007


Whilst ploughing Erik discovered a hole in the ground. Stopping his work he scrapped away at the foot of the mound and saw a hollowed out tree trunk. Within lay the remains of a figure clothed in brown cloth with an odd sword at his side. Erik was terrified ,had he found a fairy tomb?. Erik recalled that the local Herrengard always paid gold for such information. He vowed at the end of the day to go there directly. Soon the gentlemen of the Ducal Society would be upon his farm - Erik was proud and restarted ploughing with an uplifted heart.

Saturday 20 October 2007


Across the Duchy the people are ploughing the land. Following the horses they prepare the soil for the next part of the cycle of the Seasons. Amidst the changes and chances of Tradgardland life food must be prepared for , fields prepared and crops sown. Soon all will be drawing inwards for the quiet months of Winter - time to reflect ,prepare and plan for the coming year.

Friday 19 October 2007

Post Maneuvers..

The Autumn Maneuvers over for another year provides the Duke with much to ponder. He is due to meet the Inner Council to discuss promotions within the Army. He will also hear the state of readiness of the Navy and hear from the Ducal Gunpowder Mills as to their state of production.

Tradgardland being a sociable and enlightened Duchy manages to combine the above with a visit to the Alefest where a room has been set aside for the forthcoming deliberations.

The Duke takes a carriage to the meeting , sharing it with his wife who will attend to give council over matters of uniform design and sundry artistic matters.

Wednesday 17 October 2007


At the end of the recent manoeuvres in Tradgardland the regimental flags were trooped before the assembled formed bodies of troops.

This year the Duke declared himself delighted with the standard of drill and mock combat. He declared that the forces of the Duchy were the envy of Europa and that all involved should hold their heads high.

Tuesday 16 October 2007

BAR in the UK

The same unit from a different angle.

I have been organising my Austrians today . Here they are depicted as organised in 4 ranks.

Sunday 14 October 2007

BAR in the UK etc

I trust all of those having a big game in America had a great time - it would have been good to have been there but not practical. However I have really enjoyed all the recent chat about a big game in the UK. I have been checking my forces today - seeing what I have half finished in the garage and what I will need to order to supplement my current figures.
It would be excellent if the game goes ahead and I think it will do so. I am pleased with the interest shown and with the evident enthusiasm . I had better get the paints out..

Sunday 7 October 2007

Ny Tradgardland

A wedding has taken place today in Ny Tradgardland. A newly arrived couple will begin a new life together in the New world. To the witnesses and the curious gathered there , they seem like any young couple in love.
Yet they have a secret for one of them is the daughter of the Duke of Tradgardland himself. The young militia captain and his new wife hope for many happy years of peace ahead in the new World.

Thursday 4 October 2007


Seated at his writing slope Von Bergman writes as follows:

To Duke Karl Frederick

Greetings from your humble servant at Versailles. The negotiations are going well and we are in a favourable position I venture. I have kept your wishes close to my heart and lips in recent days. Soon I am to meet the King and I will be able to return home -my work completed. I will write again very soon with greater details.

your humble servant

Von Bergman

Monday 1 October 2007

Ale Fest

It is now October. The Brewers Guild get ready for the annual Ale Fest. Apart from large concerns like the Karlsberg Brewery each community is engaged in producing their own ale . The competition is great, the awards immense....