Sunday 29 November 2015

Who are you?

A picture of some figures I am trying to identify-
The two on the left are fully rounded and have quite a chunky feel to them. The two on the right appear to be wearing shorts and are semi flats. Anyone recognise them?

Saturday 28 November 2015

Grand Review

At Bob's suggestion, in his comment to the previous post, I got all the 40mm-70mm homecast semi flats out on the table together for the very first time-
 I was taken aback by the number I had amassed over the time I have been collecting.

There are more than enough to fight a rebellion in the North West again Army Red!

A lot of Army Black/Cornflower Blue etc for 1900 games.

Loads of figures  (slightly smaller and thinner) for 1920s games.
All in all quite a gathering including this semi -flat tank. I am rather keen to buy some more. Does anyone know of other semi -flat tanks or vehicles that were made?

Friday 27 November 2015

Multi coloured Friday

Here are some pictures of the latest bunch of  semi flats to arrive -

As you can see the previous owner has painted them in quite a variety of colours.
The chaps in kepis I am considering using as Danes/Tradgardlanders and the cowboys/indians will fight alongside each other in a North West Rebellion affair against Army Red.The wee ones near the orange on the plate will join Army Black. The amount of semi flat homecasts has got rather large overtime and I am thinking of redefining Counterpania to fit in with the collection...

Sunday 22 November 2015

40mm semi flat highlanders- do they exist?

Yesterday at Targe I saw some Jacobite relics and weapons on the Cran Tara stand and also a lovely 28mm battle of Preston game. It got me thinking...
I quite fancy getting some 40mm Jacobite Highlanders ( not to mention lowland regiments)  to oppose my semi flat British infantry and cavalry. Anyone know who makes such figures or moulds? Or perhaps my best bet is Saber and Sash 40mm figures?
Incidentally does anyone make dismounted 40mm British dragoons for Clifton Moor ?

Saturday 21 November 2015


Off northwards to Kirriemuir later today for the annual wargames show- Targe. Normally a good show with tempting trader's stalls. Perhaps see some of you there...

P.S Craft Fayre at St Columba's High School Dunfermline this morning from 10.00 onwards. My daughter will be present ( along with her entourage) with her craft stall- look out for Spotty Seal-

Friday 20 November 2015


I have been a tad up and down of late and have advanced my projects very little. I have been enjoying BBC tv's "Parade's End" on dvd and have kept faith with "The Last Kingdom" on tv too.I have enjoyed reading some model railway  magazines too. I had great fun  gluing and sticking with GW Empire bits and other odds and ends to begin to create a Frostgrave warband-
Absorbing and distracting inspite of prising superglued fingers apart...

Saturday 7 November 2015

The road goes ever on

I remember in First Year my English Master ( Mr Green at Melville College) reading us the first chapter of this book-
He then closed the book and said if we wished to find out what happens we had to read on ourselves!
At a book stand on a London railway platform I bought this on the way to France with the school-

for the princely sum of £2.10.
The books have been part of my life ever since. I have read  more of Tolkien since.I have been inspired by his faith and moved when standing by his graveside.
As a school boy I got the Mythical Earth Minifigs and enjoyed many a game with them.As an adult I bought the first GW figures as a distraction when my middle child was ill. This seems to be a good time for  the start of another Middle Earth project...
I have re-collected Mythical Earth figures for larger games but am looking for a smaller skirmish/wee battle set up. I have decided to use Dan Mersey's forthcoming " Dragon Rampant" rules. What I have read of them leads me to think they will meet my needs.
After quite a bit of reflecting I have decided upon Wood Elves v Mirkwood nasties. Wood elves will be Vendel miniatures with their opponents from the same source supplemented by other bits and bobs. The first Mirkwood nasty is sheer nostalgia and arrived recently-
An old friend whose kin scuttled across my Seventies battles in lurid gloss black and red paint.
Have a good weekend one and all.

Sunday 1 November 2015


I have been moving some projects forward this weekend-
Beginning to sort my pre-painted 40mm figures into units and base them. By the end of Saturday all were based and some bases painted during Strictly.
The figures below ( sorry about the awful photo quality) were at the bottom of the box. They are about 54mm tall (?) and I wonder if anyone recognises the manufacturer?
I will use them as generals as they have a commanding air about them.
Below is the scene  in Tradgardland around midday today-
The Minifigs are painting up well for the portable ecw game. Figures are based on 50mm square  bases. They are based as follows on each base- 3 cavalry or 6 pike or  6 musket  with 5 to denote raw musketeers instead and 4 or 5 for clubmen.The old school figures have a charm that many of the uber detailed ones of today lack. Cricket (England v Pakistan) is on courtesy of BBC radio iplayer and the essential coffee mug ( Emma Bridgewater) is there too. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday whatever you are doing.