Saturday, 7 November 2015

The road goes ever on

I remember in First Year my English Master ( Mr Green at Melville College) reading us the first chapter of this book-
He then closed the book and said if we wished to find out what happens we had to read on ourselves!
At a book stand on a London railway platform I bought this on the way to France with the school-

for the princely sum of £2.10.
The books have been part of my life ever since. I have read  more of Tolkien since.I have been inspired by his faith and moved when standing by his graveside.
As a school boy I got the Mythical Earth Minifigs and enjoyed many a game with them.As an adult I bought the first GW figures as a distraction when my middle child was ill. This seems to be a good time for  the start of another Middle Earth project...
I have re-collected Mythical Earth figures for larger games but am looking for a smaller skirmish/wee battle set up. I have decided to use Dan Mersey's forthcoming " Dragon Rampant" rules. What I have read of them leads me to think they will meet my needs.
After quite a bit of reflecting I have decided upon Wood Elves v Mirkwood nasties. Wood elves will be Vendel miniatures with their opponents from the same source supplemented by other bits and bobs. The first Mirkwood nasty is sheer nostalgia and arrived recently-
An old friend whose kin scuttled across my Seventies battles in lurid gloss black and red paint.
Have a good weekend one and all.


  1. A dangerous thing starting a new project, never know where you might end. (to paraphrase). Sound like fun!

  2. Hi Alan- Yes, the Hobbit is a fantastic story to read- as is Lord of the Rings...I like reading Tolkein....I read the Hobbit something like thirty years ago and enjoyed it immensely - though I'm not a real fan of the recent movies. Mythical Earth - skirmish games sounds just the thing for an interesting Project for you - best wishes with your progress Alan. Regards. KEV.

  3. I too await the 'Dragon Rampant' rules with anticipation , Tony

  4. Another waitee for Dragon Rampant..... should be ideal for Lord of the Rings. The Vendel elves are excellent, very Mirkwoodish and great to see the old Shelob figure there.

  5. Tradgardmastare,

    By when I was in Primary school (in eighteen hundred and frozen stiff!) the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings was read to us by our teacher. I had not realised this until I was much older and at college ... and read books both myself.

    No one writes fantasy like Tolkien, and I can see why using it as the basis for wargames is do appealing.

    All power to your project!

    All the best,


  6. I'm another one who got started in a lifelong love of fantasy through reading The Hobbit and LOTR "back in the day". Always plenty to inspire a game, a project, etc. Have fun!

  7. The Hobbit was read to my class at Primary School too. I was transfixed... I think the charm of the book, and indeed the whole Tolkein World, is captured well by the Vendel range of figures Alan, so good choice. Not enamoured with The Hobbit films at all. Might have to do something similar to you, to regain my own vision of Middle Earth and expunge the cinematic version. Look forward to seeing your figures.

  8. They are quite extraordinary books, and it's difficult to say why. Hobbit on, Alan!

  9. I picked up a few handfuls of ME figures off eBay recently, mostly not in quantities to permit basing as units, so I suppose they'll be individuals. They are a little scarce on the ground these days, and I'm considering supplementing them with some of the Valley of the Four Winds figures that are currently still being cast.