Monday 30 October 2023

Sunday 29 October 2023

Day out

 We were invited to my eldest’s for lunch in Falkirk today. Here is a picture of a sculpture at the station-

It had an Rowland Emett vibe to it and looks great. My eldest had bought me a book which was a lovely surprise- 
A splendid charity shop find and right up my street..
I look forward to reading this over the weekend.

Friday 27 October 2023


 I have been avoiding eBay recently in order to save money. I however went on recently and got these ww1 figures for the bargain price of £7.50 including postage-

The Germans will serve with the Duke of Brunswick’s contingent in the vbcw and perhaps in a wee “ A War Transformed “ project along with the aforementioned Duke of B’s contingent. 
When I opened the packaging I was most intrigued by the gun, I had no idea what on earth it was. A little searching and I discovered it was a very early German anti tank gun.
Here is some info about it-
So all in all money well spent, some figures full of character purchased and some French to deploy…
Win win in my book!

Here are the Germans with a first coat of paint-

P.S what does one say about England in the Cricket World Cup?

Thursday 26 October 2023

Wandering in Woodlands

 Prior to my course yesterday l had a wander about Woodlands. Interesting buildings everywhere-

Prior to leaving l worked a little more at the kitbashing-

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Currently kitbashing

 After all the painting last week due to days at home (  caused mainly by the stormy weather ) I am having less hobby time due to real life requiring my attention. However l am doing some 28mm kitbashing-

The idea is to create some retinues consisting of figures created using Perry late fifteenth century plastic figures and combining them with Stargrave sprue parts. Thereby making some sci fi troops with late medieval sensibilities and look.  Inspiration comes from sources such as this-

Watch this space to see how it turns out…

Sunday 22 October 2023


 The storm abated today but I wanted to listen to England v South Africa in the cricket World Cup on the radio. Another successful day-

My Duke Brunswick’s VBCW force was finished and based today- three sections of infantry, some cavalry , a sniper and two heavy machine guns .
After that I worked on some Napoleonic civilians made by Front Rank.
I am pleased with how they turned out and will not take too much to finish.

England lost very heavily indeed to South Africa.

Saturday 21 October 2023

Scots Republican Militia 1938

 Finished my figures today-

Platoon headquarters consisting of Officer, Standard Bearer, Sniper and Anti tank rifle.
Three Sections each comprising- NCO, Lewis Gunner and second, six riflemen.
Two sections are militia with one section counting as regulars. It consists of former Scots Guardsmen who now serve the new republic having been disbanded by the king.
An enjoyable painting experience and some figures removed from the lead/plastic mountain. 

Friday 20 October 2023

Wednesday wander

 Wednesday saw me in Glasgow for my weekly course. The weather was pleasant so I walked from the bus station. At the end of Sauchiehall Street there was a military museum which l have never visited and really must get round to- it is Royal Highland Fusiliers’s museum. Walking on l was struck by this building-

It is now a Hindu Centre for worship.
Moving on I enjoyed walking in the park and was impressed by this monument to Lord Roberts-

All in an excellent derive.
Yesterday, Thursday, saw plans changed due to the storm and a day at home apart from a brief foray for supplies. The wind raged all night and is still blowing when I write this around 07:00 . Hope to finish the thirty VBCW figures today…

Thursday 19 October 2023

On the work table

 Finished off my Scout section of vbcw gaming-

Vicar, Curate, Verger and seven Scouts including leader.
Might add some static grass or tufts to the bases but not decided yet.
I had bought a pack of Wargames Atlantic WW1 British and decided to use them to mark some VBCW Scottish infantry. Scottish heads came from a Warlord games sprue as well as the anti tank rifle . I have constructed a section so far and am pleased with the look-

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Coffee Houses etc

 Regular readers of this blog know that I enjoy reading your blogs over coffee every morning. It is a small pleasure ( and has been for many years) that starts my day, each and every day. I get my coffee sent from here -

Yesterday saw me in Leith with daughter number two visiting daughter number three. We met here-

I picked up this fascinating leaflet in the coffee shop.

The cafe is Printworks and I can thoroughly recommend both coffee and bramble/hazelnut brownies.
The girls went for a swim and l wandered back to the city centre via Krema books and Ancient Robot games  shop and a tram to Haymarket.
The above is a view of Leith and the below is the imposing old Customs House.
Seems to me that we should be adding coffee houses to our role playing games as well as on table top battlefields. Pubs are great but you can’t beat a good coffee shop!

Monday 16 October 2023

My friends in the North

 Just back from a few days in Skipton-

An interesting wee corner of Skipton.
I do like the canal boats.
We went to see the birthplace of the famous poet Ted Hughes.
Another place we visited was Luddenden. For more information see-

Now read what happened earlier this year here-

The interior of Luddenden church , a most pretty sanctuary.
The view from my friend’s house in Skipton-
Yesterday morning saw the first frost in Skipton and frozen car wind screens. Winter is coming…
An enjoyable visit as ever. Great hospitality, conversation and company. I returned to the postman having delivered the anticipated copy of Toy Soldier Collector and the Helion book on the 1758 campaign. 
The magazine has a fascinating article on the Hausser Citadel castle construction kits as well as a splendid article on John Ruddle . The new edition of Funny Little Wars features too.

I would like to do some games using the Portable Wargame rules featuring the Reichsarmee v Austrians , firstly because I don’t have any Prussians in this scale and secondly because l like the idea of an internal conflict within the Holy Roman Empire .